Monday, April 24, 2017

Why people don't go to church on Sunday ...

Justin McClain's post on categorizing The 20 Types of People You'll Meet At Mass.  That's why.

In the case of #16, you won't meet him - you'll just see him.  Otherwise you ignore him - unless you are #9 - but you will still not speak to him.

I hope Mr. McClain didn't compose his post in his head during Mass.  What?

I know the post is meant to be humorous, but it misses.  Over the years, one of the most popular excuses I hear from family and friends as to why they don't go to church is summed up in McClain's post on the 20 types of people you will see at Mass.  The most common excuse for avoiding Mass is this:  "People are there to size one another up, see what they are wearing, talk about what they do or don't do, and categorize them."  I know otherwise faithful Catholics who have skipped Mass because of something as silly as a bad hair day.  People might talk if you don't fit 'Sunday best' requirements.  Then there are those who back slap and shake hands at Mass but ignore you in the grocery store.  What's up with that?  But I digress.

So anyway.  Go to Mass to pray, to worship - but stop eyeing your neighbor.  In big cities, like New York or Chicago, or at any urban parish, things are more diverse, and people are less likely to get into this type of petty speculation.


  1. I confess to looking at people's shoes as they go up to communion. Solution? I never sit on the aisle. Simple.

    1. That's because you have a shoe fetish - high heels are your passion. LOL!

    2. I look at shoes too! But I'm actually amazed every time at how "Allah loves wondrous variety." And shuffling from age and infirmity. So much shuffling. So much faith!

  2. I think I'm a composite. I certainly know of a few straight-up examples of these, though. The Non-Nun, especially. Me? Never. What?

  3. I live in remote town where my church is the only Catholic one in town. We are diverse because there isn't anywhere else for Catholics to go. Every example listed in the linked article is represented in our parish.
    Signed Nice Lady, wife of Pewhugger


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