Monday, March 20, 2017

St. Joseph, A Righteous Man

St. Joseph does not want to expose us to shame ...

He quietly arranges things for us
   which otherwise seem impossible.
He removes our fears
   with the assurance of his protection.

“He is the man who doesn’t speak but obeys, the man of tenderness, the man capable of carrying forward the promises so that they might become solid, certain; the man who guarantees the stability of the Kingdom of God, the paternity of God, our sonship as children of God. I like to think of Joseph as the guardian of weaknesses, of our weaknesses too: he is able to give birth to so many beautiful things from our weaknesses, even from our sins.” - Pope Francis

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  1. "He quietly arranges things for us which otherwise seem impossible. He removes our fears
    with the assurance of his protection."

    The glorious and gentle Saint Joseph has done this and so much more for me and for those who are commended to him by my prayers. He has especially helped me in my line of work as a Hospice Nurse.

    I am forever grateful to you dear Saint Joseph for your protection, your assistance, your guidance and your tremendous patience.

    Please continue to accompany me all the days of my life.



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