Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Limited Use: Social Media

I closed my Tumblr, privatized Facebook, will most likely close the Etsy shop, and cut back on this blog.

I'm amazed at the time wasted writing about stuff that is essentially none of my business.

How stupid to have written so much about myself, and worst of all - other people.

"How can you believe when you accept praise from one another?"

Many people who live online, writing their blogs, judging and condemning others - even going so far as to judge the Pope, have lost their faith.  Some may be mentally ill or terribly deluded, but they are all endangering their salvation and leading others astray, even to the loss of faith.  Others who oppose these people do the same thing - responding with hostility, daily criticizing the bigotry of conservatives - political or religious - they are obsessed with being 'right'.  Perhaps this Scripture can be applied to them - to all of us: "You traverse sea and land to make one convert, and when that happens you make him a child of Gehenna twice as much as yourselves." [Matt. 23:15]

People online look for affirmation, praise, agreement and esteem - and some expect to be financially compensated for that - like money-changers in the Temple.

John of the Cross, quoting Isaiah wrote, "He who praises you deceives you."

“Today, let us ask the Lord for the grace to understand this, seventy times seven. Let us ask for the grace to be ashamed before God. It is a huge grace. To feel ashamed of our sins and then receive forgiveness and the grace of generosity to give it to others, because the Lord has forgiven all, so who am I to not forgive?” - Pope Francis


  1. I may have posted this before... If I have please excuse or delete.


    I am going to share something with you. I am the Rector of Mother’s Village and 83 people are employed there. Today there are 350 there for lunch. You get into a situation of human relationships when someone is in charge of a portion of the work there and takes it very seriously. I am sharing my frustrations with you.

    This person in charge, he suddenly sees that someone is doing something wrong. Wrong, period! The mistake that people make is that with the justice of God and their righteousness, they go charging in and in a rage crush the heart of another person. If someone then reprimands them for the tension that is suddenly in the workplace, they will say, “Don’t you know I’m right?” So with vengeance and justice they walk around ‘right’. They are able to crush their fellow co-workers and make tension in the whole place and create situations that are not desirable.

    This happens because we are not willing to suffer. We are so often so willing to condemn, judge and be righteous. The most damage we do to ourselves and others is by being righteous, by being right. That is why Christ goes to be crushed on the Cross. He didn’t say a word to the person who was crucifying him. He allowed that person to learn himself, in his own time. At that moment he didn’t know what he was doing. He allowed him to learn, to grow, to find out in his own way.

    That is the way we will be brothers and sisters and pilgrims: allowing the person next to you to be stupid, to be wrong, and you remain silent again and again and again, and be calm and then the situation will be resolved by itself.

    Pray to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit of God will teach you, but only after you have suffered and prayed. Then you become a redeemer yourself, a co-redeemer with Jesus Christ for your family, for your children for your friend, for your neighbour, in such a way that we stand not as judges but as brothers and sisters who will bring blessings to others, not condemnation. This person might be wrong, but the damage that is coming to this person in this harsh way is far greater damage than the initial wrong that this person was doing. Then we inflict greater sufferings with greater consequences than the initial damage that was there, that we thought we needed to address. (Fr Svetozar Kraljevic OFM)

  2. But but but where are we going to get our poodle PSA's?????

  3. Ugh. I just typed a huge reply to this which then got lost because I accidentally swiped the "back" button.

    Long story short... Our duty as laymen and women is to pray, for ourselves and the Church and its leaders, attend to the Sacraments, study the Faith, save our souls, and work for the salvation of the souls given over to use by Our Lord.

    Curiosity was one of the principle sins that took down Eve at the Fall. There's a good curiosity, and a sinful curiosity. Much curiosity that doesn't help to affect our salvation, generally that which can cause us scandal, is probably sinful and should be avoided. If you have a good spiritus director, he or she should be able to help explain this better. Sometimes, it's better to let the things at the top go their way. We need keep praying for peace in our hearts.

    I say this as someone who has in the past read all the blogs and newspapers. So I offer, if you are able, use this blog for your salvation. If you feel too much temptation to write about things that are "above your pay grade" then maybe you need to step away from blogging. What matters, first and foremost, is your salvation. You can blog about what this said or what that said- but if it doesn't work towards your own salvation first, it won't be pleasing to God, Who desires your salvation above all else.

    God Bless

    1. That was the short one! Imagine the long one!! 😜

    2. "Our duty as laymen and women is to pray, for ourselves and the Church and its leaders, attend to the Sacraments, study the Faith, save our souls, and work for the salvation of the souls given over to use by Our Lord."

      Amen! Let's all pray for each other so that this truth may take root in our hearts as we seek the face of God.

  4. Terry -

    I don't think you realize it, but you also write a lot about saints, popes, and everyday people, modern and ancient, who serve the Lord joyfully. You also make me laugh, which is a blessing. These things do a great service for others and also may be a quiet vocation. You have certainly helped me in my vocation as a Secular Franciscan. I do not think you are mean-spirited. Take some time away if you need to, but don't go away for long because I will miss you.

    Peace and all good to you and to all here - Susan, ofs

  5. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers - I'm working intensely on an icon and may be in another state of mind... when one is dealing with angels it is deeply humbling. I'll be fine.

  6. Terry, do not overlook or minimize the value you offer readers to journal their thoughts and get feedback. I value that and learn and grow intellectually and, I hope, spiritually. You do know you have a unique following here. Right? Compared to other blogs your contributors are sincere, civil and seeking genuine spiritual growth. You do a great service in catathesis and instruction. I benefited from 16 years of RC education. You remind me of some things I learned long ago. More importantly you teach me many new things about my faith. How can that be bad? You are my friend too hard on yourself. Even your criticism, which I think is what bothers you now, is not mean or calumny. Dare I point out, our savior was critical from time to time. Anyway your blog is the one I go to for solid teaching and a good laugh and a dose of humility from my friend in prayer Yaya. Know you all are in my prayers each and every day.
    PS: You cannot go away. I just read a total eclipse of the sun will occur directly over the US on August 21st. It will be visible from one coast to another. Last occurred 100 years ago. We need you now more then ever.

    1. I don't always agree with Wallace but today I do - 100%! Hugs, Angie

    2. "catathesis"

      Kind and gentle-hearted wh, are you suggesting we have all been schooled in the way of cats? I'm quite aware that Terry is an admirer of felines but "catathesis?"

      I continue to be amazed. ;)

  7. You shine out like a shaft of gold when all about is dark.

  8. Thanks again y'all. I'll snap out of it. ;)


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