Monday, February 27, 2017

When We Rise

I watched the first segment.

I dunno - it's not very well done.  Sorry.  It's also a little 'evangelical' in tone - in a queer way.  I actually watched since it dealt with churches in San Francisco and I was wondering if a certain Roman Catholic priest might be mentioned, since he was out there back in the day marrying gay people.

I think they are condensing a lot of history for prime time - and I get that - but it comes off a little cornball.

When did Rosie lose so much weight?  (She really should have been a nun - SSND.)

If you ever want a real experience of what it was like, read or watch Armistead Maupin's, Tales of the City.


  1. LOL...on Rosie being a nun. I kind of like Rosie (despite her political views) when she is on the downside of her bipolar thing..but I am from the southside of Chicago and there are 6 million Irish women here who look and act like her...(and most of them are straight believe it or not..I don't get it...I would rather be with a guy then a Rosie looking woman but...) I think Rosie was taught by the old time nuns we had so that is where her grumpy meaness comes from.

    I tried watching it but it was way too..."We are SERIOUS television and are sure to get many, many emmy noms.." and it was boring. I thought it would be wild and full of crazy illicit sex and drag queens going crazy and it was people talking, talking, talking. My attention span is too short for that.

    Tales of the City is good, but the books are better..its so weird watching people going nuts and having sex pre AIDs..its kind of like watching something from the Middle seems so far away.

    1. I could see Rosie as a really strict nun who also was funny - She looks so tall in that top photo. I've always liked her until she gets mean.

      Last night's show annoyed me because of how they made the cops look - as if they were Nazis out to get the Jews. Kids are going to think gays were totally persecuted and treated like Black people in the South. Though it is understood now as a civil rights issue, way back when the vice squad busted up the bars - it was still against the law. I'm not trying to justify that, but save the heroics.

      The women's movement radicalized many gays. The civil rights movement as well. But there are real differences.

      One of the best gay films was "Longtime Companion" focused on the time when AIDS came along. That was really well done.

      I hate writing about this stuff.

    2. I think her meaness comes from her bipolar thing...also I think she had some alcoholism in her family which kind of twists you around..Danny Devito was on that show (I saw clips I can't watch the View) and was bombed out of his gourd...(he went out with George Clooney the night before...) and Rosie was really good with him, kind of diverting him and joking with him and being she knows how to handle a drunk...while the rest of the ladies had their eyes bugging out of their heads.

      I do think that the civil rights movement helped marginalized people see that they can fight back as a group...I wouldn't go as far as to compare the two struggles but there are many similarities..people can still be fired and denied housing in many places because of being gay...and at that time cops were busting up bars..(you gotta be kidding me...there aren't any real crimes taking place...) I grew up in a different time, not as open as it is now but you weren't getting arrested for going to a gay bar. I did grow up in a smaller town then Chicago downstate and even in college it was like...."Don't let anyone see you go into the gay bar or you'' be ruined" kind of b.s. Which I am sure there are states and small cities where it is exists. I am the least radical person on earth but I can live in the burbs without being harassed and live a life because of the things alll those drag queens and radical people did so I don' know them.

      Longtime Companion is depressing though (DUH!!) thought it was off its time and well made..I want a TV show where the gay is healthy and it not "special" like "Oh your dating a guy, okay, but how are we going to stop that villain from blowing up downtown??" I think Walking Dead of all shows does a good job...they have a gay couple who are just there, part of the group, fighting the zombies and the villains like everyone else, they aren't major characters but they don't have to be. No doubt they will be zombie food but so is every character but Rick and Daryl and maybe Michonne so...

    3. Will and Grace was a drama, right? LOL!

      As a bit of history - Longtime Companion was good. Last nights episode was of Rise Up was too ambitious and mythologizing.

      Bi-polar or not, alcoholic family or not - Rosie has control issues and is a bully. Walters once said, "She wants to drive the bus." It's a dyke thing.

    4. I can see her as bus driver...maybe a lesbian remake of the Honeymooners??? Actually, that is good idea she would be a good ranting Ralph...elle.

      Rosie needs to see a shrink that is for sure...she has that Irish Anger..Moody Thing aint pretty.

    5. Isn't it Ralphette?

      I mentioned a need for lampshades and a friend suggested a lamp store she thinks is run by a lesbian couple, which is a few blocks from where she was thinking and is exactly where I get my lamps repaired and buy lampshades.

      I've gone there since forever and not once did it occur to me to speculate on their personal lives. They knew grandma and mom and are getting quite old.

      I think you're right, Mack, when people live their lives nobody cares. It's when they dictate to others and try to legislate social changes that it's an issue. I'm thinking in particular of the bathroom controversy in which parents are outraged that schools were being forced to accommodate boys in the girls rooms, girls in the boys room. I don't care about adult transgender people in the restroom they find appropriate but I do have issues with the perverts who identify as whatever gets them to victims...Nor do I think it's appropriate for young girls to be exposed to penii in the locker room.

      I still think that children should be protected.

    6. Okay - then it's not a dyke thing. Rosie is still controlling and I'd like to see a trans-boy wrestle her. What?

  2. Replies
    1. Do you remember their old habits? That huge veil?

    2. No, never saw that habit in person but have in photos. Sadly Sisters in my neck of the woods stopped wearing even modified habits when I was in middle school. I do have foggy memories of in-habited Sisters when I made my First Communion...but OP not SSND.

  3. when we rise on Ash Wednesday we put glitter ashes on our foreheads!


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