Friday, December 23, 2016

See! Everything is just fine! Buon Natale!

All I want for Christmas is YOU!

They were playing Mariah Carey's Christmas album real loud.

Song for this post here.


  1. thanks for this photo I will be using it a lot!

    1. Badger gets the credit for this one.

    2. I watched the video yesterday on Rome Reports.
      The commentator had this to say,"all eyes were on Cardinal Burke since he has threatened the pope with a call for correction due to issues with AL."

      You can watch it for yourselves on YouTube.

      Brothers in the faith, may God's will be done in dispelling the darkness so together they may walk in building up the Church.


  2. Replies

      I am smiling because I remember posting yesterday that if Terry was to break protocol and ask if Papa "got the memo" I said Papa would look you straight in the eye, smile while bowing graciously and then move on.
      By moving on I mean to say by celebrating Navidad with a joyful heart and eating sweets while drinking mate. <3

  3. I truly hope and pray you are right. We do not need division ever, but especially now. I love those pictures. Thank you Terry.


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