Thursday, December 22, 2016

Cardinal Burke met Pope Francis face to face today but didn't say a word about the 'Correction'.

Curia Christmas Party

In fact ...

The Holy Father, in his Christmas address to the Curia, made it clear he is going forward with his reforms.  After the Holy Father's address, Cardinal Burke greeted him and accepted the gift of a book  from the Pope.

Pope Francis has vowed to press ahead with Vatican reforms, denouncing those resisting change as being motivated by the devil and hiding behind "accusations and traditions". In his annual Christmas address to the Roman Curia, Francis set forward twelve guiding principles for his shake-up of the Church's headquarters, including an end to the old curial tradition of “demotion by promotion”, the practice of getting rid of people by promoting them. The Pope, who was elected with a mandate for reforming the Vatican, talked about a “hidden resistance” to change which comes from “hardened hearts content with empty rhetoric of a complacent spiritual reform” and a malicious resistance inspired by the devil and dressed up as tradition, accusation and self-justification.
In his speech the Pope insisted that reform of the Curia is not like a “facelift” but instead is an ongoing process. “It isn’t wrinkles we need to worry about in the Church, but blemishes!” Francis said. He added that the curia must also “conform to the Good News which must be proclaimed joyously and courageously to all, especially to the poor, the least and the outcast” while it “must be guided by ecclesiology and directed in… the service of the Bishop of Rome”.
Among those listening to Francis’ address inside the Vatican today was Cardinal Raymond Burke, who has threatened to make a formal “act of correction” to the Pope’s modernising plans on giving Communion to the divorced and remarried. After the Pope finished speaking the cardinal was seen briefly greeting Francis and taking his copy of Aquaviva’s book. - Source
So anyway.

A missed opportunity.  I would have breached protocol and simply asked, "Holy Father, did you get the memo?"



  1. Again, the Holy Father continues to attack those who love Tradition. This is getting very, very old, and if he doesn't stop soon will lead to schism. He is out of control.

    1. The article cited here is form the Tablet which has a very particular bent. Other news sites report it in a more meted fashion. I got the impression that 't'raditions of the curia specifically was what was being referred to. The "old boy's club" mentality.

      He also mentioned that much criticism is healthy and necessary before singling out what has been reported above.

      Forgetting the content, it wasn't exactly a message of peace and joy! A cease fire might have been more appropriate this time of year, but perhaps not. It would have come across as insincere I imagine.

      Merry Christmas to all!

  2. Dearest Terry,

    "A missed opportunity. I would have breached protocol and simply asked, "Holy Father, did you get the memo?"

    Too funny. I'm thinking Papa would look the person squarely in the eye, smile, bow graciously, move on.

    How's that for self-control?

    Gosh, the rain has been such a blessing!

  3. Which do you suppose is on Santa's bad list? One or the other? Neither? Both?

    1. Neither.

      But obviously I am.

  4. Which do you suppose is on Santa's bad list? One or the other? Neither? Both?

    1. You talkin' to me?

      Neither. Santa gave the same book to every body.

  5. No more getting rid of clergy by promotion? But the system was working so well...

    Nah, I like it. But that means that those in authority need to have the brass to sack incompetent people. Clerical snakes and ladders.


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