Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Waiting for an answer ....

Four Cardinals sent a letter to the Pope, and after two months they are still waiting for an answer.

I wrote to Pope John Paul and it took a long time to hear back, and then it was from a secretary - or so I was told.  I know - it's not the same.  I do think these guys would have had better luck if they sneaked into the Casa Santa Marta disguised as cleaners and talked to him face to face.  They maybe didn't want to dress down to do that though.



  1. It has begun. Even a discussion is out of bounds for them. It just is driving alienated Catholics and much of the young to mega churches. How many baptisms does your parish priest perform? Literature of the word for children on Sunday is 6 or less.

    1. That's a very good observation as to why young people would chuck it all and head towards mega churches. All the infighting, factions, gossip, and resistance.

    2. I think so too. I have been to one since I have a child that went that route. It is friendly, entertaining and bible based. Good people who truly love and praise God. What it does not have is the Mass and the real presence. I told my child years ago the other Christian churches have one part of the faith but we have the entire meal. In more ways then one. I attended a Lutheran funeral service, Missouri Synod. The most conservative branch much like the church I grew up in during the 1950's. Communion had no meaning to me. I did not partake. There was something missing. Had the very same feeling in a Methodist Church two weeks before. They have great things all of them. But only a part of what our Church gives us. I am glad we are more open to other sects but it confirms for me we have it all.

  2. Let your 'yes' be 'yes' and your 'no' be 'no'. Silence....unfortunately, it seems that ambiguity is what the Holy Father desires. He wants everyone to get what they want, and souls perish as a result.

  3. Wow ... I remain unimpressed with those who pretend to know the mind and/or motives of our Holy Father.

    While his silence is perplexing, I am unable to speculate why and will continue to pray it's because he is consulting Cardinal Mueller and Papa Benny as to how to respond.

    May he do so in his own time for the sake of all.

  4. People also go to mega churches because they don't have rules and being Catholic is hard. I mean, you have to go to Mass on Sunday! And holy days of obligation! No meat on Friday during Lent! Fasting on Ash Wed. and Good Friday!

    Many of the things that our licentious society values are off the table for Catholics; those who are aware of the restrictions and have a hard time following them or don't think that sin is sinful anymore would find it a lot easier to go to a mega church.

    Oh, and while the pope is nice, the bishop is still a big meanie. What?

  5. Hey Terry...tell me that I'm wrong that Cardinal Burke's DUBIA & threat sets it all in motion! Blood will flow on all sides! And part of the Fatima Secret is fulfilled...you know where to look.....


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