Friday, November 18, 2016

Cappas in a bundle, they're going to confront the Pope: "We need to talk about your flair..."

Looks like a storm...*

It pretty much started Day 1 of the Pontificate.

The Pope didn't wear enough flair.  It's that simple.  He said, "Carnival is over" but they are resisting him to his face.

It's kind of like what Stan, Chotchkie's Manager told Joanna in Office Space:
 People can get a cheeseburger anywhere, okay? They come to Chotchkie's for the atmosphere and the attitude. Okay? That's what the flair's about.
It could be true.


The Cardinals contra Amoris blow-up is getting big.

So anyway, I love this from Dr. Mirius - which clearly annoys some Priests for a Prelature on the Digital Continent and other monsignori hopefuls:

There is no juridical possibility in the Church for any official correction of a pope, such that the position of the pope’s critics becomes definitive or take precedence over what the pope himself has said or done.
The last question and answer in the interview suggests that Cardinal Burke has not slipped into any error on this issue, but he could have answered far more clearly:
Pentin’s question: “If the Pope were to teach grave error or heresy, which lawful authority can declare this and what would be the consequences?”
Burke’s answer: “It is the duty in such cases, and historically it has happened, of cardinals and bishops to make clear that the Pope is teaching error and to ask him to correct it.”
The only problem with this answer is that it does not adequately parse the question. It would have been far better if Cardinal Burke had first clarified the double misunderstanding the question appears to imply. Burke could, and probably should, have begun by making two critical points:
  1. We are not talking about Magisterial teaching of grave error (or heresy) by the Pope. That is impossible. The Holy Spirit protects the Church against that. This is a key factor in the very constitution of the Church.
  1. Because of this Divine protection, it is not necessary that there be a “lawful authority” that can correct the pope, and in fact there is none. But in matters of serious confusion, or of personal errors which foster bad pastoral care, or of ecclesiastical administration for dubious ends, or even of particular sins, fraternal correction can be very important.
With these two points clearly in mind, Burke’s actual answer is right on target. But without emphasizing these points, considering how the question was phrased, I am concerned that some readers might misunderstand the issue. - Catholic Culture

Concerned that some readers might misunderstand the issue... not to worry, Fr. Z is in full Action Alert!  Instructing the ignorant.  Counselling the doubtful.  Admonishing sinners.  Bearing patiently those who wrong us.  Forgiving offences.  Consoling the afflicted... and so on.  As is his style.

Disclaimer:  Just pushing buttons here.  This problem is like opening a Diet of Worms and is way above my head.  Pay no attention to crack-pots-online.  Nothing to take seriously here - move along.  And have a nice day.

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*Detail, Siege of La Rochelle 1881 Henri Motte


  1. "I love this from Dr. Mirius"

    Thanks be to God for Dr. Mirius since he is not among those who take what is said literally but always checks for the truth, slanting of truth, the "source" of the truth.

    I read this and decided to just pray about it and asking our Lord to have it all worked out ...

    What is truth is that many Catholic folks who fall into the marriage/divorce issue go to Holy Communion regardless of what Burke or others say ... I know some personally who do. They say they do so "using their own conscience and what do celibates know anyway."

    Ah well ...

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Does this count?

      Pope tells bishops to have compassion on those with failed marriages

    3. I have never seen where Pope Francis has changed Catholic teaching. Anyway - now they are saying the pope is boiling mad. High drama is guaranteed in the coming days. Oh look! I prophesied. (Kidding)

    4. The weekend is upon us, I am taking a well deserved break from all news Rome and Trump etc, etc, etc. ^^)

  2. OH, wait until Trump goes to Rome! Will Melania join him there or will Ivanka babysit? What?

  3. Hehehe... it is Jeff Mirus, not Mirius, guys.

    Just sayin'. Not important. Perhaps "rigid" though?
    And to think I've never been to a "Latin Mass" since the only time in 1961 when I was still an open-eyed Protestant school girl, dragged to Notre Dame,
    Paris, as one of the "stops" on an educational school tour.

    That was when heaven and earth came together for me. The heavenly liturgy described in Scriptures when the Veil is lifted and takes us up. Because of the Incarnation? I did not have any liturgical theological knowledge at 17 years of age. But, boy oh boy, I grasped the essence of the Gospel- known even by a young Protestant girl - in one blindingly beautiful and clear revelation.
    I just KNEW: THIS IS IT!! Thank you, Lord!

    1. I had an experience like that in Florence years ago - it's glorious to have that. Thanks for the lovely story.

      I'll fix Mirus - I just think Mirius is more poetic ... ;)


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