Thursday, November 17, 2016

I think people want to be deceived ...

That's why they resort to fortune tellers and mediums, as well as locutionists and seers and visionaries ... who tell them what they already thought they knew.

They hear what they want to hear... 'everything is really, really bad.  But it will get better.  Er ... after it gets worse ... maybe.'   And we say, 'I knew it!'

Just thinking out loud after visiting a few of the online mystics and reading the comments.

'Tiz the season to ask for donations too - so expect more prophecies and warnings and formal acts of correction, as well as add-on fund raising campaigns for travel expenses.

. . .

Oh! Oh!  I read someplace that people on Facebook are dropping out or just staying off the site because of all the stress caused by mean comments, fighting, and anger over the elections.  So that's what people do when they do not hear (or read) what they want to hear.  See how that works?

. . .

I hate pious platitudes - no one wants to read that stuff either.  Scroll through some sites - it's one after another - does anyone have an original thought? Ever?  It's like we can't think for ourselves, or can't speak for ourselves.  (I know - I use a lot of gifs.)

. . .

Is this a Quick Take post?  Look!  I'm like those famous bloggers!

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  1. I think you are onto something Terry. They also want to be betrayed. It is an outlet for rage that is ready to explode.


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