Monday, November 07, 2016

St. Didacus de Alcala

St. Diego

I love Franciscan lay-brother saints.

He could be my Baptismal patron, since the name Diego is a derivative of Santiago, for St. James.

So humble, so little, a porter and I think questor for the community of Observant Friars, he was nonetheless appointed Guardian, something unusual for a lay-brother.  Called back to Spain at the end of his life, he returned to his humble, penitential life.  He was the first saint to be canonized after the Reformation, and the first lay-brother of the Friars Minor.

St. Diego, pray for us, and for my friends in the Philippines Diego and his sister 'Tina'.  ;)

Happy feast day San Diego, California!

Cats like Franciscans.


  1. Another Door-Keeper Saint: I love it that God makes so holy those who are so little, humble....He is So Good, All Goodness, and thanks for the quote from St Elizabeth: it will really help me right now. House/car look like the digs of a lunatic. Notes tapes up, all over. To-do lists. quotes like the above. or: current fav: 'just because it feels real does not mean it is true'.
    remember Solanus Casey: not 'officially' a Saint: Thank God Ahead Of Time.

  2. Cats are frisky little critters, eh? There he is greeting his favorite friar while in the background, many folks arrive for Mass? Leaving Mass? Is it a Farmer's Market of sorts?
    The "jardin" looks wonderful!


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