Sunday, November 06, 2016

OMGOSH! First the earthquakes and now the storm ... Tornado in Italy.

“Divine punishment” for “the offence to the family and the dignity of marriage, in particular through civil unions.” - Fr. Cavacoli said it first, and he's sticking to it.  I made an outrageous comment on NCRegister suggesting it could just as well be punishment for traditionalist preference for the Extraordinary Form and Baroque splendor, as well as their opposition to the reforms of Pope Francis. Evidently NCR didn't appreciate my sense of irony.

At the end of my comment I simply noted that 'earthquakes happen'.

But now ... with the tornado and the flooding of the Coloseum ...

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After earthquakes, storms hit Italy. Two killed by tornado in Cesano, now Rome Colosseum under water (via @maus75)


  1. I'm waiting for the USA to crack in half on Nov. 9 - and it doesn't matter who the winner of that race is.

    1. It's going to be bad - no matter who wins. Rather than natural disasters as so much punishment, I see erosion of Government and corruption on just about every level of society as chastisement. Corrupt politicians and leaders of a decadent society certainly are not blessings.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Erosion of the US government and corrupted political hacks are nothing new, they've been around for sometime now only difference being that they are bolder, more in your face types while we, the people, have grown fat and complacent with the attitude of "as long as I ain't killin noboby, ain't gonna matter to me."

      I want an edit button for Christmas please. 😆


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