Saturday, November 05, 2016

Secrets of the dead ... they are alive.

“Even after death they act as if alive, healing the sick, expelling demons, and by the power of the Lord rejecting every evil influence of the demons. This is because the miraculous grace of the Holy Ghost is always present in the holy relics.” 
- St. Ephrem the Syrian


  1. Happy 'Feast of The Holy Relics" to one and all: we are So Blessed are we not ?
    I may be oh so alone in life - but Thanks Be To God: I have have friends 'in high places', indeed !

    1. Same to you! Hardly anyone even knows there is a feast for the Holy Relics.

      Signed, Your friend in low places.

    2. ah Terry ! such a friend you are, indeed, to know that to be aware that one who Knows one is .... to be counted among the lowest, is but a Great Great Grace !
      Have lately been ruiminating upon the Litany of Humility.
      As well as the Litany of the Most Precious Blood.
      went to, and printed at library, prayers from Auxilium Christianorum.
      only later to learn...tradtionalist site: but the main priest gives these Beautiful talks on youtube. as I no longer have tv and can only knit or draw with some kind of thing in the back...I listen but as you know once you begin to draw all around one fades away. I live for these fade-aways. I am so happy.


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