Monday, October 31, 2016

I know what's going to happen ...

The election will be so close, the Supreme Court will have to decide who won ...


  1. ... and the Justices will all decide for Clinton, as they'll be afraid of the Scalia effect.
    #killary, #itcouldhappentoyou, #downhillinaforwardroll

  2. or they will have a tied vote, lacking the crucial ninth justice.

  3. Hmm,I'm thinking that a more frightening scenario would be a repeat of the 2000 election, but this time in favour of the Democrats. If that does happen, you can bet Trump and company will claim rigging and demand another election. I know more than a few folk who will be holding their noses when voting on 8th November.

  4. Nah ... I am thinking if Shrillary makes it into the WH and Trumpkin cries foul, she will shrill her way into calling for shutting down the US government and calling for martial law ... with open borders too. 🤔


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