Sunday, October 30, 2016

Norcia earthquake aftermath.

There was a lot more damage than the collapsed basilica.

Of course people know that, and of course people are concerned about the monks of Norcia, but there are many others who have lost home and livelihood - and all of their possessions.  A couple of news stories report on the many other religious in the area, now made homeless, saying the earthquake has turned religious life upside down.

In the case of the contemplative, cloistered Poor Clares, their religious life has been turned inside out.  It's very sad.  There is no hidden message or great sign to be made up about that.  The fact is, the earthquake has simply 'leveled the field' and made refugees of the homeless - religious and seculars alike.

Prayers for those affected, now homeless and displaced by the earthquakes.

O Maternal Refuge, Queen of the universe, 
Mediatrix of men to God, 
Refuge of all our hopes, 
have mercy on us. 


  1. "There is no hidden message or great sign to be made up about that"

    That's sad that many pretend/assume to know the mind and heart of our Lord about these earthquakes. Whatever ...

    Something struck me as I was reading and looking over the pictures, the other religious who have suffered loss of home, these words came to me without me asking, just wondering, "God alone suffices, there is nothing more we should want."
    Then I thought of myself and my creatures comforts and hope that when the time comes, if I should live through another earthquake, I hope to be ready to cling to Christ no matter what.

    I hope they may all recover soon with God's Divine Providence and with the help of neighbor. Winter is soon to descend upon the mountain and I hope they are safe and sheltered by then.

    Terry, if you find out anything more about how we from afar can help, please let your readers know.


  2. You keep predicting these earthquakes... Is Mary Van Hoof living in your basement? Locution much?

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