Monday, October 03, 2016

"No one chooses a gender identity, they discover it." - Said Francis DeBernardo of New Ways

The Pope recounted a meeting with a French father 
whose young son wanted to be a girl 
after reading about it in a textbook. - CNN

Then they choose?

The Holy Father just affirmed Catholic teaching against gender ideology, telling journalists:

"This is against nature, it is one thing when someone has this tendency ... and it is another matter to teach this in school." 
"To change the mentality -- I call this ideological colonization," the Pope said. - CNN
I agree with the Pope, gender identity theory is a bad idea - and teaching it to children is indeed 'terrible'.

New Ways Ministry disagrees - of course:
"The pontiff's remarks are further evidence that church officials need desperately to educate themselves about the lives and experiences of LGBT people. Nobody chooses a gender identity.  They discover it," said Francis DeBernardo, executive director of New Ways Ministry.

Then they make their choice.

Pope Francis criticized  
teaching gender identity in schools, 
calling it a "war against marriage."

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