Sunday, October 09, 2016

Mass Chat: Church ladies can use bad language too ... I guess I was mistaken about Trump then.

Serial Mom was a nice suburban housewife who recycled and kept a lovely house, and she was a wonderful Republican.  She went to church every Sunday ... but watch out on Monday.  She had a filthy mouth and used the 'F' word, the 'M-F' word, and the 'P' word - just for fun of course, but always in secret, anonymously, just like people online do today.  So anyway, I'm guessing Mrs. Sutphin (and those like her) wouldn't think Trump said anything wrong, vulgar or 'obscene' - because he/she uses the exact same language he does?

Oh!  I think she was probably pro-life as well - although she believed strongly in the death penalty ...


  1. Truth is stranger than fiction!

    1. I was just reading about Juanita Broaddrick. They are all pervs. The United States has become a John Waters movie.

    2. Well should Trump win the WH, he may prove to be as uncooth and crass as the president from the Philippines.
      Gee ... they just might hit it off and talk trash when negotiating slave trade bans.

  2. ...oh this is so stressful, watching this 'debate'. My stomach hurts. I am out of coke syrup and too exhausted from go to the grocery store.
    Why, why am I listening/sort of watching ? Because I.keep.waiting.for.abortion. to be be raised.
    Aaaggg. ouch.

  3. All I'm really asking is for Catholics who support Trump to at least admit he is a sleaze-ball and unqualified and unfit to be president - even though he's the only one representing a pro-life platform in the current election. Pretending he's a gentleman and a virtuous guy who respects life - women's lives as well - is hypocritical.


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