Friday, October 14, 2016

Best Actor In An Ad - Kevin Linehan

This guy deserves more roles.

He reminds me of Gig Young.


  1. Replies
    1. Haha! No one will know who he is.

    2. I do! He was the epitome of the cool sixties ... "That Touch of Mink" was great!

      He was quite a handsome charmer too. <3

    3. This guy in the ad is good - they should use him in some retro film. I love the ads with Katherine Heigl.

  2. I have this growing list of people I love to pray for, and I will add his, as well: I really enjoy my list, but I'm not sure about's a tad eclectic. Like, Bette Davis, etc.
    plus the priests I know of, from my elementary/junior high school days, who either admitted abusing boys or...not...
    this has helped me maintain peace, to a degree. Can I pray for Trump ? or Clinton ? or any politicians ? *sigh*

    1. I pray for them.

    2. ...I am so distraught...about all of this. I am really glad Terry that you can do so. I doubt many others can -
      Both Clinton and Trump...seem to me to be masters of the word,

    3. Remember, they too can be saved if they repent and come to Jesus. I always remember what St. Paul said, "God wants every man to be saved." When I remember that scripture quote, I pray for those who come to mind because while we live, He can still be found.

      For all we know, they may get to heaven before either one of us do.


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