Saturday, October 15, 2016

It's OK To Vote For Trump Now ...

Trump leaving Cardinal's residence at St. Patrick's NYC.

[I bet he went to confession and maybe even had his third marriage blessed.]



  1. They are neighbors literally across the street from one another. A secret meeting plotting revenge on HRC at next weeks Al Smith Dinner sponsored and hosted by the Cardinal in NYC. Hillary best bring food and drink testers. I do not see how political opponents can yuk it up this year. No one is in a forgiving or festive mood.

  2. I'm just imagining Trump in the RCIA class that I help lead...

  3. In the meantime, while the USA is distracted with Trump's grope-gate, WikiLeaks compromising Shrillary's emails, Russia is rumored to be preparing her people for war.

    If the Merciful Lord has looked kindly upon Mr.Trump thus moving Mr. Trump to seek the healing power of confession, then by all means, I say welcome Mr. Trump. You will truly be a man reborn, renewed, restored.

  4. Wait just a New York minute. Trump was raised Presbyterian and still claims to be such. I do not believe he went to the Archbishops mansion for any religious conversion or petitent talk. He is bared from participating in any sacramental activity as a non-catholic. I read this meeting had been on the calendar for months. In NY the upcoming Al Smith Dinner is a huge fund raiser for the Archdiocese. I imagine that event was the original reason for the meeting. Trumps past and present provide some very high hurdles for ant conversion to be serious. Then again Newt Gingrich now proclaims himself a RC and his wife, as he is quick to point out, sings in the Bascilica's choir. Next weeks dinner should be interesting perhaps more so then the final debate.

    1. Who says he can't go and confess his sins? And if he says he's a Presbyterian, then by all means, he should go and seek guidance from his pastor should he be inclined to do so. For all we know, Trump and the portly but rosy cheeked Cardinal may have discussed the many wonderful benefits of making a good confessional. Who am I to judge?

      I seem to recall reading in scripture, "for nothing is impossible with God."

      Heck, Hilary can get to heaven before I do. That thought alone I hope will motivate me to die to my big self-centered self.

      Have a blessed Sunday everyone! Let us rejoice with the Universal Church as we have seven more Saints to help us along our path towards eternity.


    2. Opps! By Cardinal, I meant Dolan and by confessional, I meant confession.😆

      In the wee hours of the morning, tis a challenge to have semblance of witty whatnot. 🤗

    3. Yaya He can confess or not all he wants. He is on record as saying not too long ago he has nothing to confess for. My point is he cannot partake of the seven sacraments within the RC Church. Confession and absolution being one. I have lived with this man in my media for over thirty years. My son, now 39, made me take him to Trump Tower when he was 10 and it was brand new. Trump has been in our media ever since. He tried. And failed to get control of our state GOP. Two years ago with much publicity flirted with a Governors run. Kelly Anne Conway was pushing him on in that too. It went nowhere and he decided not to run. He was sure to tell us he would have won. The plan recently was reviewed that he was going to use this platform to launch his Presidnential bid. He was smart enough to abondon that since the majority of New Yorkers cannot stomach him. He will lose NY "bigly" to Hillary. I cannot wait until we see and hear no more about this fraud. But that may not happen.

    4. I am well aware of Mr. Trump's claim that he has nothing to confess, so what? We both know he does just we do too. I I am also aware that he cannot partake of the sacraments within the RC Church but he can still go and "have a talk" with his own pastor if he wishes. That's up to him and our Lord who also willed him into being.

      I am going to do my best to remain hopeful and continue to pray for these political types. They need to be prayed for just like the rest of us need to be prayed for.

    5. The meeting with the Cardinal was scheduled a while ago. It included his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway. The Al Smith Dinner is This week Thursday. It is a fund raiser held every year, a roast of politicians which always includes Presidential Candidates. I believe this meeting was a planning session long scheduled for that event. It will be held the day after the final debate and it is hard to see how it can be light hearted good fun. The good Cardinal has a hot potatoe in his hands. It will be interesting where it will go.

  5. Just read that Trump was guest of honor at big Hindu celebration in NJ last night. I guess he is consolidating his religious base during the final twenty something days of this bizarre election.


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