Monday, October 10, 2016

Last Night's Debate Was Embarrassing

Early Halloween: Trump as Daryl Van Horne and Hillary Clinton as Felicia Alden

Some are calling it 'disgraceful'.

It was.  Trump was like the Hulk at one point - hovering over Hillary while she was sincerely trying to answer an audience member's question.  It was less a Town Hall Meeting and more a vaudeville performance - Trump heckling and harassing Mrs. Clinton who tried to maintain dignity.  Then Trump tried to take the focus off his personal immorality by assembling Bill's former litigants in the audience.  I'm not sure how penitent or convincing Trump's apology for being a womanizer could be when he starts pointing out the sins of Hillary's husband.  (One might imagine that the fact a wife worked out these betrayals and infidelities - with the help of her daughter - and chose to remain with her husband would be viewed as virtuous in an 'adulterous' age when divorce on demand is the norm.  But I digress.)

The other characters playing Alexandra, Jane, and Sukie.

Some Catholics are now calling for Catholic groups and individuals to dump Trump.  Yet there are priests who are pretty much telling Catholics it is a mortal sin not to vote for him.

Pope Francis said to pray and discern and vote your conscience ...

The only decent man in the race.


  1. We didn't watch the debate but all day and into the evening my husband kept turning the channel to CNN. Finally I told him to switch to sport or something...anything! as I CANNOT stand those shrieking harpies on the discussion panels on CNN. Doesn't matter if they are for Trump or Clinton - they are all CRAZY!

    1. I watched PBS - it's not as boisterous.

  2. Neither is clean ... both are soiled down to their shorts. No one can say one candidate is dirtier than the other because they are both ethically challenged liers and undeserving of the Oval Office.

    Hitlery with her 100% abortion agenda from conception until one day before the baby is born, "you have a right to abort" god.

    Stump a Trump with his "bull in a china shop," egomaniacal entitled BS attitude.

    Neither one is getting my vote.

    I heard on the radio this morning Trump was on the Howard Stern show recently. HS is reported to have told Trump his daughter "Ivanka is one fine piece of a.." They said Trump agreed. Eeeewwwww ... creep! (-x-)

  3. The govt. owes us all rebates. The psychological stress of this election, 'debates', has caused so much harm ! Compensation Is Due !
    So, really: WHY is there No Mention At All about abortion in these two 'debates': when if Mr. Trump were to bring it up, take an 'anti-stance', and openly speak about Clinton's hideous promotions, he would, in my opinion, 'win'.
    What am I missing ? I know I am not 'tracking' very well these days, what is going on - ? My 'regular' naivete can't account entirely for this.

    1. Exactly! Why has Trump not even mentioned abortion? He doesn't care.

    2. ugh. My stomach still aches from it all. I can tell it's bad: as a child in an alcoholic home, the anxiety et al manifested largely in this way: and it was due to the perpetual 'gaslight' stuff going on Between my parents/between them and us, etc etc.
      Remember that great movie, "Gaslight" ? Young people don't realize that is where the label comes from. My young psychiatrist did not: however she knows what it means in our lives.
      Just One More Old Person Somewhere, out there, who is using the good-old-days to promote - oh something I just lost tract of my thought, as I Am an old person. I am trying to reference to what I deleted a while ago: "Mindfulness" of today comes from Timothy Leary/Baba Ram Dass/Be Here Now: (many therapies/dr.s/group therpies proote this) little did He know that he got it from Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection, who, of course, got it from Christ. Just another example of popular culture ignoring the Catholic Church.

    3. "Why has Trump not even mentioned abortion? He doesn't care."

      I disagree. If he did not care, why pick a running mate like Pence who is 100% pro-life? The one who does not give a da... is Hitlery whose running mate professes to be a faithful Catholic yet whose record proves he's 100% pro-abortion.

    4. Yes ! thank you Yaya I did not know that Pence is pr0-life: so .... um...Still, why does Trump not beat Hillary over the head with a very vocal pro-life message ? I believe that the Pro-Life population is vastly greater that the pro-aborts. the pro-aborts just get the media.

  4. wait: I forgot what I was going to say:
    OK sure Trump does not care about abortion: but he could promote himself (and win ?) by putting himself out as pro-life, however insincere: so, why does he not do this ?
    forgive me for being so slow-witted about this.

    1. "however insincere"

      Seems like he's been insincere like five times ... who really knows?

      One thing's for certain, his opponent is 100% sincere in her efforts to stifle any chance of the USA being truly pro-life again. I mean gee ... "a right to abort is the law of the land."

  5. I guess everyone has their demons, sometimes as many as seven. But if we wait until someone perfect comes along before we exercise our right to vote in a democratic election, then we never will.

    If we can see just a glimpse of goodness in each other, hold on to it – we just got sight of God. Then we may recall that God is the good in each of us.

    At the end of the debate, Clinton expressed that she saw the good in Trump’s children. What does this say about the father?

    Someone once called Jesus “Good master” until Jesus reminded him that only the Father is good. In other words all good comes from the Father.

    Trump also expressed admiration for Clinton’s perseverance – a father praising a mother.

    Jesus has shown us he made a choice to mark his love for sinners with a cross

  6. I am mentally exhausted by this election and the reality TV format. Thank you Donald J Trump for bringing us the Jerry Springer Show: Presidential Debate Edition. I know adults who are having nightmares and anxiety attacks because of his antics. I cannot image how children are processing. As I have written before, I believe, Trump has no real convictions. He can assume any position with ease if it suits him. In the novel 1984 by George Orwell the idea of Big Brother is intoducted. No one know who he is, if he is a real person, is he alive or dead? It is implied he is a straw person. The Party controls all. Facts are changed to suit the Party. Old news in the archives is changed to suit current needs. You must agree with and love Big Brother. Language means what Big Brother says it means. In other words society is just one big cult. Watch the news programs and it dawns on you that this is what he was writing about. The "surrogates" are disciples. I will soon tune out of all of it for four weeks. A long planned trip out of the country will insulate me from the craziness yet to come. How we can live beyond this election is anyone's guess. I think the incivility is the new norm.

    1. Thanks much Wallace. That connection to Orwell is startling.


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