Saturday, August 13, 2016

Style Tutorial: How to make an entrance, with dignity and flair.

Notice the enthusiasm, the welcoming smile, 
the ease, the style ...

the subtle flair of the skirt.


  1. is that Loretta Young? I remember watching her elegant TV show in the 1950's. A different gown every week descending a curving stairway. She was in an old movie I watched last night from the 1930's,"Women in Love." she had class. She also was a rare thing in Hollywood, a practicing Catholic until her death. She was a big financial supporter of the Monastery of Christ in the Desert in New Mexico.

    1. Yes it is - my rich uncle and his family lived near her and they belonged to the same parish - she went to daily Mass if I remember correctly. There are several Catholics in Hollywood who are faithful - one character actress I love, Marianne Muellerleile is active in her parish. I can't recall all the names, but there are several others - including Marky Mark Wahlberg - oh! Hitchcock was too.

    2. Didn't he drop the Marky when he added Wahlberg? What?

  2. I wonder if she ever caught her skirt in the door? Probably not.

  3. ....who is Mark Wahlberg ?...oh, I googled: and have seen none of those movies or shows. The last movie I saw was The Full Monte: I brought my elderly neighbor from across the street - she Loved it !
    I am sort of out-of-touch, culturally.
    but I Do remember Loretta Young: as a child I even had one of those stretchy-black belts, plus a cape I fashioned, in homage to her as well to Zorro! both my heros.
    *sigh* no wonder I am a mess now.

  4. heroes. Lady Zorro!

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