Monday, August 08, 2016

The Sin of Sodom

A provocative response to Bishop Nunzio Galantino's strange speech at WYD:
The sin of Sodom was that as a sovereign city-state it had legitimized sexual behaviors that were contrary to divine natural law. But isn’t that exactly what sovereign Western states are doing today by means of their courts and governmental authorities? At some point following this Year of Mercy could the West experience a Year of Judgment? - Source
I appreciate how the author expressed that - 'as a sovereign city-state it had legitimized sexual behaviors contrary to divine natural law.'  Pope Francis in turn pointed out to the Polish Bishops, quoting Pope Benedict, ‘It's the epoch of sin against God the Creator.’  Hence Galantino's mythological interpretation of how the story ended is all the more disconcerting.

We are daily confused by media reports covering sexual morality and religion, world affairs and politics, gender theory and social engineering tactics.

I think this confusion seeps into organizations, groups and now most especially families, and without recourse to prayer, it disrupts peace, unity and harmony.

It seems to me the Year of Mercy is being rebuffed and resisted, so I tend to wonder, along with the author of the quote above, if perhaps we may be in store for some sort of 'just judgment' after this extraordinary year of grace?  The civic leadership in the United States is pretty much completely immoral, and the leadership of religious bodies is weak and full of compromise.  It's rather unsettling.

"Put no trust in princes-in mortal men-in whom there is no salvation."

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