Saturday, August 13, 2016

Listening In On Hitler's Generals

PBS Secrets of the Dead: Bugging Hitler's Soldiers

I watched the program Thursday night, and I wanted to post about it, since it fits well with my doom and gloom considerations lately.  Some of the stories of what the Nazis did - outside the death camps - when ordinary soldiers invaded provinces and towns, the atrocities and rapes and mass murder sound very much like ISIS today.  It struck me that this same terror is being revealed again, in our times.  We seem anesthetized to it - we take mass killing (abortion) in stride.  Many of us have lived with some form of war all our lives, not to mention ethnic cleansing massacres such as happened in Rawanda.  ISIS is scary, but we are told it's just 'them' - they are a fringe group.  It's not as if it is a religious war or an invasion by a superpower or sovereign nation in a real war.

You know what I'm saying.  I'm not on some crusade to go after Islam or trying to denounce anyone in particular.  I'm just trying to piece things together right now - trying to see through all the propaganda and political correctness which distorts reality.

In the episode, Bugging Hitler's Soldiers, the recordings of how nonchalantly these people talked about their crimes was truly shocking.  I couldn't help but draw a parallel to what is currently happening in Syria, and has happened in these situations over the twentieth century until now. The threat is pretty much global by now - or probably will be sooner than we know.

I want to share a couple of excerpts of dialog with you to deepen what I'm trying to say ...

Lance Corporal Muller told Sergeant Faust about his experiences as his unit moved into Russia.
Everywhere we saw women working. Extraordinarily lovely girls. We drove past; we would simply pull them into the armoured car, rape them and throw them out again.
And did they curse!

For months, the listeners could hear growing anxiety, recrimination and guilt in the voices of the generals.
He told me the kind of things that happened. I know myself that there were savage, brutalized louts there, who trampled on the bellies of pregnant women, and that sort of thing.
ISIS and other Jihadists are committing the same crimes today.  This post is not an essay - I'm just throwing information out there.  Information which makes me believe we are immersed in similar days of terror right now - we are right back where we were in WWII, and every other reign of terror in modern history since then.

Although I think it's worse now - because of rampant immorality, corruption and lawlessness - and political correctness.

In one segment of the program, two Nazi officers were discussing the killing of women and children, throwing their dead bodies into a pit:

VON FELBERT: What did they do to the children?
KITTEL: They seized three-year olds by the hair, held them up and shot them with a pistol and then threw them in. I saw it for myself.
VON FELBERT: That’s why everyone hates us – not because of this one incident, because all these murders.
KITTEL: If one were to destroy all the Jews in the world simultaneously there wouldn’t be anyone left to do the accusing.
VON FELBERT: It’s obvious, it’s such a scandal. We don’t need a Jew to accuse us – we ourselves must bring the charge! We must accuse those what done it.
KITTEL: Then we have to admit that our government is all wrong.
VON FELBERT: It is, it’s obvious that it’s wrong, there’s no doubt about it. - PBS transcript

"Then we have to admit that our government is all wrong."

That's when it hit me.

I too have to admit that our government is all wrong.  

"It’s obvious that it’s wrong, there’s no doubt about it."

I don't think I need to count the ways or name names to prove my point.  The first step in recovery is admitting there is a problem.

Joy of All Who Sorrow,
Save us!


  1. The level of hate between Germans and Russians was deep. The reverse happened when Rissia invaded Germany. Not sure how this relates to our government though. As bad as things are our Armed Forces are among the best trained, most civilized and disciplined in the world.

    1. Yes - the scale of atrocities is not even close at the moment ... I was just putting these incidents out there. My 'epiphany' after hearing 'Then we have to admit that our government is all wrong.' is difficult for me to articulate in a post - perhaps I'd do better in conversation ...

      How was our government wrong? Trump is saying Obama formed ISIS - outrageous, isn't it. You can understand how he can extrapolate that idea - but it's still pretty dumb. Who took down Hussein? Who put us in the Gulf War - the Bush-men. Iraq collapsed and disintegrated - long story short we have ISIS. That's about as simplistic as what Trump is telling us, but we know what happened.

      Our government is corrupt - we sponsor, directly or indirectly evil throughout the world - while doing good of course - but at a price. Contraception and abortion and all the evils we have made legal in our country.

      Like I said - I don't want to take the time to name names and organizations (Clinton Foundation) or list the crimes - but when Pope Francis talks about corruption, the arms trade and business of war, as well as ideological colonization, I think it's very clear which nation he has in mind.

      I'm not criticizing our armed forces at all.

    2. I just want to add that I'm amazed at how comfortable we are as a nation to accept abortion - the clean, efficient, version of what the Nazis did, and what ISIS does now. Evil is evil, atrocity is atrocity, no matter how we sanitize the procedure. Our government legalized it - our government is wrong. We tolerate this evil and keep electing politicians who protect it as a right.

      Clinton says women's right are dependent upon this 'right' - she said religions 'need to change their rules' to accommodate it. Countries who want our aid need to legalize it. Trump doesn't care either way - as long as he has power (to wage war) ...

      Americans are endorsing people like this to lead our government.

  2. Clearly the popular will has been subverted. Two candidates of privilege and power that a large majority of voters do not want or like shows how government is run by big money. So much of the process is broken. This is not real democracy.

  3. A fuller version of the conversation involving Kittel can be found here:

  4. And here's an article in the Daily Mail about it:


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