Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Terrorists Filmed Themselves As They Killed Pere Jacques.

«Tu as déjà vu un curé à la retraite? Je travaillerai jusqu'à mon dernier souffle»
"Have you ever seen a retired pastor? I will work until my last breath."

Père Jacques Hamel

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Let my eyes stream with tears
day and night, without rest...

Today's first reading is certainly prophetic for the evil of our day, as badger Catholic pointed out in his post here.

Today it feels as if everything stopped, all the fighting and squabbling faded into meaninglessness before the magnanimity and fortitude of this new martyr who shed his blood for the Church.  Every concern I have had has paled in the light of this humble priest's martyrdom.  He joins the Trappist Martyrs of Atlas today ...

May the angels lead you into paradise; 
may the martyrs receive you at your arrival 
and lead you to the holy city Jerusalem.



  1. A hidden/humble worker in the Lord's Vineyard. As he fulfilled his daily duty in honor of our Lord Jesus Christ, his earthly life was taken violently but today, he enters into eternal life victoriously.
    Now, he is no longer hidden from the world as he will forever be known as a martyr for Christ, a refuge for the persecuted.

    May his prayer bring ISIS and all evil to an end. May he intercede before our Lady so her foot may crush all of God's enemies and save His children from further persecution and death.

  2. Remember Pere de Cherge's wonderful letter discovered after his martyrdom in Algeria? He says his assassin will not know what he is doing and they both will be 'happy good thieves' at the end. What a vision, what hope. When the French are good, they are very, very good. Sadly this afternoon, Fr P

    1. Hum ... I know our Lord instructs us to pray for our enemies and perhaps Father Jaques in his final moments was doing just that, I don't know. That they did not know what they were doing nor that they realized the sacrilege that they committed by killing a servant of the Lord, God only knows. I don't like the idea of praying for them, but I am instructed to do so by Jesus, so I will do so and commend them to His merciful justice.

      Father Jaques, pray for us!

  3. No words to express the horror. We know love defeats hate but it challenges us to the core.

  4. I'm praying this will bring back those that are away from the Church. I am praying it will strengthen those that are already there.

  5. I have thought of little else today. I prayed a rosary....a chaplet of mercy. I wept. Thought Of France. I feel stunned.
    And yes, I prayed for the killers. And yes, TRULY, they Do Not Know What They Do. They are pawns in the hands of evil.
    This is, for us, the beginning. A great martyrdom begins, now.
    How very deeply I wish this had not occurred.
    On another note: I do not have cable, so I do not know what came up on news: I actually looked forward to NPR, beginning at 4 p.m.: but....it took until 5:30 for mention of it ! How naive I am, Still !
    I expected this terrible, terrible thing to blaze the airwaves !!!!!!
    What deep anguish Our Lady experiences ! One of Her Priests !!!!
    yes, I know: He sees Christ in Paradise now. It does not lessen his great sacrifice.

  6. The young pastor at my parish was deeply moved at Mass this evening. It sounds so dumb - I wish I could hug every priest tonight - every single one. I'm so sad yet so filled with joy and peace.

  7. Terry,

    Father Rutler has very important facts to remind us that history is repeating itself only this time we are still asleep and do not wish to be awakened.


  8. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Thanks for this, Terry.

  9. Anonymous7:30 AM

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