Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I've been watching the DNC.

Practiced at the art of deception ...

Last night Bill Clinton and a lot of other feminists spoke.

All the Planned Parenthood people spoke or were interviewed and you just know what 'women want'.

Last night it was all about women - especially the mandate that women must vote for the first woman nominee.  Hillary has been preparing for this for decades.

'Firsts' are no guarantee of anything.

"Always making things better." -Bill on Hillary

Bill Clinton's extra long speech did little to impress me.  Though his citing of all the early work of Hillary - when these two first met - was familiar to me.  Free clinics and legal aid offices and general neighborhood organizational work - all very typical work for revolutionaries of the time.  Marxist socialist stuff.  Lying, stealing, and undercover work was very common and necessary for the revolution.*

Like the time Hillary pretended to be a mother trying to enroll her child in a school but wanted guarantees it would not be integrated ... "if I enroll my son in this school will he be in a segregated school, yes or know?"  Bam!  As Bill stated, "She had him!"  Entrapment - she got her guy.

I thought to myself, you aren't doing her any favors poodle.  

'They' say among college educated men and women, especially men, there is no problem with the Democratic Party platform.  I wonder if that simply means they've been successfully indoctrinated?

Anyway - no one seems to be posting much on the DNC, so I thought I'd give y'all an update - even though you are all watching, but won't admit it.

*I knew people who worked in medical offices who stole patient's medical records.  Never understanding why they were asked to do this - yet today we know how valuable personal information is and how it is used for identity theft - especially with Social Security numbers to create false identities and so on.

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  1. "though you are all watching, but won't admit it"

    I will gladly admit it ... I ain't watching. I can't be paid enough to sit and watch the death chants of so many shrill high-strung women who support PP and Shrillary.

    Instead, I thought about Father Hamel all day and prayed for him, asked him to pray for us and to pray for our many brothers and sisters who have been slaughtered by ISIS.

    1. I too thought about Fr. Hamel all day - and the same today.

      Hillary at the DNC is historical.

    2. True, it is historical but I remain unimpressed. What would have been more historical? Her getting up there and proclaiming her love of life from conception to death. Her complete and utter repudiation of PP and their death minions.

      In my dreams ...

    3. In some ways she only got to this stage because she's Bill's wife. Not to mention I think she's a bit of a sell out to feminists because she stuck with Bill even after the Monica thing. I guess she's blind to everything but the power she seeks.

  2. I remember being 9 years old and being put to bed while my family cheered on JFK at the Los Angeles DNC in 1960. It was not a certain thing at all. I woke up and my first question was, "did he win." Conventions were real events in those days. Not so much anymore. Bill and Hillary are older then me but I followed their generation in college. Nixon was so bad, but not enough to keep him out of the WH. Clinton's have a magnetism that makes people want to believe them.then real life happens and you get what you get. Trump is, I am convinced, unhinged. Once again who knows what he would be if elected. One thing for sure look at both conventions. The Republicans have become a fringe group. I felt like their convention was like an event at the Coliseum in pre christian days. A mob of blood thirsty adults screaming for blood. "lock her up" could have easily been "crucify her." Speech after speech full of anger, hate and fear mongering. We need two parties to have a democracy but I think Trump may have done what no Democrat could do. Make them irrelevant to the national debate.

    1. The Clintons are fascinating though - aren't they. You just want to believe them as you point out. And you nailed it about the RNC speech after speech full of anger, hate, and fear mongering.

      Last night I was watching to see how Bill would do - I just think he talks too much now days. LOL!

  3. He is a man obviously in love with himself. He reminds me of Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief. Check your pockets if he comes within an inch of you and your wife and daughters too! Sorry Terry I could not restrain myself!


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