Friday, July 29, 2016

A bishop scorned?

On Pope Francis:
"I understand that he wants to appear poor, but to wear a diaphanous gown through which you can see the black pants underneath, is that not neglect? If we are appointed bishops, we received strict instructions regarding our clothes that we should always present ourselves as tidy. Woe if that is not the case. Does that not apply to the Pope?" - Unnamed Italian Bishop

Sounds gay to me. 


  1. And yet the fashionable bishop has yet to make his mark on world while our Papa goes about proclaiming Christ crucified. WYD 2016 from beautiful Poland has been nothing but awe inspiring.

    1. I know. The people at WYD seemed to find the Holy Father appealing.

      At one point I noted the Holy Father's collar was dirty - I loved that. It is the sign of a laborer.


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