Sunday, July 24, 2016

If you want to repent now, and seek the Pardon of Assisi during the Jubilee of Mercy ...

You maybe could begin a novena of penance.

In preparation for the Feast of Our Lady of the Angels Porziuncola, which is observed on August 2.
The chapel was St. Francis' favorite place - and the birthplace of the Franciscan Order.

For there had also been built in that place a church of the Virgin Mother who merited by Her singular humility to be, after Her son, the head of all the saints. In this church the Order of Friars Minor had its beginning, there, as on a firm foundation, when their number had grown, the noble fabric of the order arose. The holy man loved this place above all others; this place he commanded his brothers to venerate with a special reverence; this place he willed to be preserved as a model of humility and highest poverty for their order, reserving the ownership of it to others, and keeping only the use of it for himself and his brothers. - Thomas of Celano

The Great Pardon...

As is well known, St. Francis obtained from Our Lady what is known as the Porziuncola Indulgence - or Great Pardon of Assisi - which can be gained by any of the faithful on The 2nd of August from Midnight to Midnight. For information on the plenary indulgence, go here.

On August 4 Pope Francis will make a special pilgrimage to the Porziuncola to observe the 8th Centenary of The Great Pardon of Assisi.

According to new details released on the local website for the Franciscan order, the Holy Father will arrive in Assisi by helicopter at 3:40pm. At 4pm, he will arrive at the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, inside which the small Porziuncola chapel is located. There, he will take a moment of silent prayer in the chapel, before offering a reflection on the Gospel of Matthew 18:21-35. - Vatican Radio
I had rather lie abject at the threshold of the house of my God
than dwell in the tents of the wicked. - Ps. 84

Prayer of St. Francis.

Hail, O Lady, Holy Queen,Mary, holy Mother of God:you are the Virgin made Churchchosen by the most Holy Father in heavenwhom He consecrated with His most holy beloved Sonand with the Holy Spirit the Paraclete,in whom there was and is all fullness of grace and every good.
Hail His Tabernacle!
Hail His Dwelling!
Hail His Robe!
Hail His Servant!
Hail His Mother!
And hail all you holy virtues
Which are poured into the hearts of the faithful
through the grace and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit,
that from being unbelievers,
you may make them faithful to God. Amen. 
Hail His Palace!

Another prayer to Our Lady of the Angels.

August Queen of Heaven, sovereign queen of Angels, you who at the beginning received from God the power and the mission to crush the head of Satan, we beseech you humbly, send your holy legions so that, on your orders and by your power, they will track down demons, fight them everywhere, curb their audacity and plunge them into the hell.
Who can be compared to God? Oh good and tender Mother, you will always be our love and our hope. Oh divine Mother, send the Holy Angels and Archangels to defend me and to keep the cruel enemy far from me. Holy Angels and Archangels defend us, protect us. Amen. - Source

Pray for us O Holy Father St. Francis!

Pray for me to obtain pardon.
Pray for me for the grace of repentance,
Pray for me to obtain pardon.
Pray for me to do penance.
Pray for us O Holy Father St. Francis,
that we may be worthy of the
promises of Christ,
and through the intercession of 
the Blessed Virgin Mary
obtain the Great Pardon of Assisi
and the Jubilee Indulgence.

In thanksgiving for favors granted:
Glory be to the Father
and to the Son 
and to the Holy Spirit
as it was in the beginning,
is now, and ever shall be,
world without end.  Amen. 


  1. I love to think about the Saints: the great consolation they give to Our Lord, and especially to Our Lady. How grateful I feel to them, as They give joy to Jesus and Mary....such a delight Francis must have been !
    And thanks for the heads up: even I can do this, after all I can walk 5 minutes up to my home parish. Although it is, over & over, impossible for me do more than the first day of any novena.
    Can one do this indulgence for the suffering Souls ?
    btw: just spied a sweet, so very little, rabbit: grey, so no doubt a relation of the Russian Rabbits. She Froze: like playing statues: I walked by to take a little bag of garbage out...when I turned she was Still there, so I shielded my eyes, thinking it would help her to feel truly invisible. She must have been so Scared ! How many others are out-and-about at 2 am on a non-drinking night ?

  2. St Francis is such a special person. Of course we think of him as the patron of animals, but his devotional life was so deep. The Franciscians I have known do try and cultivate happiness, a joy in life and in Jesus. Thank you Terry for an interesting post.


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