Saturday, June 25, 2016

This is truth ...

Story here.

This is love.

Sr. Cecilia Maria of the Carmel of St. Teresa and St. Joseph Santa Fe, Argentina, pray for us!

h/t Mary Ann


  1. In all the years that I have worked as a Hospice nurse, I remember only three patients who died with a smile on their face. One patient smiled an hour after she had died. I recall the family asking me, "did you do that?" I answered, "no, she did." They were very much consoled by her smile.

    Sister looks so happy but some online folks are claiming that the picture was taken days before she died. So what? I have seen that smile only once on one of my patients. I was in the middle of doing some personal care for her, she was unresponsive and actively dying, when I saw her smile. Her face was glowing as I observed her smike. I wondered in that moment if she was in conversation with someone or if she was dreaming happy memories.

    I do remember asking our Lord Jesus to ease her suffering and take her home on Sunday.

    He did as she died Sunday afternoon surrounded by her family.

    The Lord is rich in mercy.

    1. Typo ... I meant smile not smike. ;)

    2. In the camps, Betsy Ten Boom died like that - her face radiant in death - everyone was astonished. There is another photo online of an Orthodox monk who died with a beatific smile.

      I have no doubt Sr. Cecilia's smile is beatific - that it is real - the nuns were with her when she died - that's enough proof for me. I've been praying with her and for her ever since I saw the photo. It's miraculous in itself.

      All the skeptics, and all the critics of this, as well as other figures in the Church need to let go of their negative, critical spirit and recognize that God exists and souls are sanctified in his merciful love - grasping souls to his heart, even in their youth. They need to consider deeply, and try to lift up their hearts in hope to contemplate what this Carmelite sees.

    3. Her smile is a hope giving call for us all to not fear death especially if we die in God's friendship. What more could anyone ask for?
      Death, especially a happy one? Well, life is only just beginning and for all eternity too.

      She is a paisana of Papa Francis. I look forward to reading any comments regarding her happy death. Thank you, San Jose!

  2. Many people fear death and hold on to life with all their strength. Life is good so that is understandable. I have heard of this phenomena but never witnessed it. Near death experiences reveal the same thing. There is so much we do not know and do not understand.


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