Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Pope said 'Jesus plays the fool a bit' ...

And his critics tear their garments and cry out, 'he blasphemeth'.


The pope "strung together a series of inconceivable other “pearls” reaching the limits of blasphemy: Jesus in the episode with the adulteress “plays the fool a bit ” (a shocking phrase which the Vatican site changed to “pretended not to understand” , but we have the recording...)" - Rorate


Haven't these people ever read what St. Paul wrote to the Corinthians?
"For the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men."
Or the claim made by St. Therese of Lisieux,  that Jesus loves us unto folly?
What happiness to suffer for Him Who loves us even unto folly, and to pass for fools in the eyes of the world! We judge others by ourselves, and, as the world will not hearken to reason, it calls us unreasonable too. 
We may console ourselves, we are not the first. Folly was the only crime with which Herod could reproach Our Lord . . . and, after all, Herod was right. Yes, indeed, it was folly to come and seek the poor hearts of mortal men to make them thrones for Him, the King of Glory, Who sitteth above the Cherubim! Was He not supremely happy in the company of His Father and the Holy Spirit of Love? Why, then, come down on earth to seek sinners and make of them His closest friends? Nay, our folly could never exceed His, and our deeds are quite within the bounds of reason. The world may leave us alone. 
I repeat, it is the world that is 'insane,' because it heeds not what Jesus has done and suffered to save it from eternal damnation. 
Remember the scene in the house of Lazarus: Martha was serving, while Mary had no thought of food but only of how she could please her Beloved. And "she broke her alabaster box, and poured out upon her Saviour's Head the precious spikenard, and the house was filled with the odour of the ointment." 
The Apostles murmured against Magdalen. This still happens, for so do men murmur against us. - Therese to Celine

And men murmur against the pope. 


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    1. Typos ...

      Let me try again to share a reflection with you Terry.

      I went to bed last night thinking about all the "offended" folks, the folks who claim the "faith has been damaged" - the "confusion reigns with this pope" folks as they cite Papa Francis and his off the cuff remarks regarding this, that, the other.

      Anyway, I then reflected on my experience at Mass on Sunday and thought, "damage? Where?" My brothers and sisters in Christ are praying and singing with fervor. Father is preaching in such a way as to encourage us all to endure in affliction, to not lose hope, to never give up. (words my mother and I needed to hear, actually). There were four big lines for holy communion while we sang in adoration. Many stayed after Mass in prayer.

      Damage? Where? Online, yeah, maybe, with the arm-chair theologians and the same old tired full-time critics of Papa Francis.

      Anyway, that's what came to me.

      With so many being slaughtered the world over, I can't get worked up over what Papa Francis says and does when he speaks off the cuff. He is a sweet Argentine Jesuit papa who sets before me the example on how to love my neighbor, how to rejoice in hope, how to be simple and small with a heart on fire for Christ. I hear from him is "follow Christ. love the Virgen, say your prayers, go to confession, go to Mass, go to holy communion, , pray/help each other, stop with the gossip, do not judge."

      All I need to hear and take to heart and to live. <3

    2. All I need to know and learn and live ... this is another example of what I am trying to share:

      What Does Pope Francis Pray At Bedtime?

    3. What Yaya said!!!!!!!!


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