Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A turbulent papacy ...

The pilgrim pope.

Blessed Paul VI, Giovanni Battista Montini was elected as Successor of Peter on the 21st June 1963. - Vatican Radio

I considered him the first Fatima pope.

The Holy Father in Jerusalem.

I also considered him 'my' pope - he was pope
when I fell away from the sacraments,
and he was pope when I returned.
I was happy to be in Rome a couple of summers
before his death.  I was able to attend
some of his Masses.
I love him to this day
and rejoice he is beatified.

"For I decided to know nothing while I was with you 
except Jesus Christ and Him crucified ..."

I loved the crucifix of Paul VI
and always wore a replica of it 
while on pilgrimage.

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