Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Holy Father in Armenia

‘Metz Yeghern’ (Armenian for ‘Great Evil’)
“May God preserve the memory of the Armenian people. The memory must not be either watered down or forgotten; memory is the fount of peace and of the future.” - RV

Once again it seems the world ignores the Armenian people, who welcomed Pope Francis on his visit to the land where in 1915 the first holocaust-genocide of the 20th century took place.  Mount Ararat in the background reminds the believer of Noah's Ark and the flood ... somehow, for me, the evil of ethnic cleansing, genocide, and persecution makes me think the evil initiated in 1915 was but a sort of warning of what was to follow.

In 1915 Sr. Lucia of Fatima encountered a vague vision of an angel - a preparation of sorts, for the angelic apparitions in 1916:
Although I cannot give the exact date, it seems to me that it was in 1915 that the first Apparition took place. As far as I can judge, it was the Angel, although at that time he did not venture to make himself fully known. From what I can recall of the weather, I think that this must have happened between the months of April and October in the year 1915. - Sr. Lucia
Readers may know I connect a great deal to Fatima, and believe that what was foretold there continues to unfold.  I also see in the revelation and message, a means of sanctification and the way of peace.  Most especially, in and through devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as the Blessed Virgin said to Sr. Lucia:  "My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God."  So is Our Lady for those who consecrate themselves to her.

That said, the significance of the Papal visit to Armenia is not lost on me.

“I pray here with sorrow in my heart, that there might never more be tragedies like this one, that humanity might never forget, and might know how to overcome evil with goodness; may God grant to the beloved Armenian people and to the whole world peace and consolation.” - Pope Francis
A bishop dressed in white ...

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  1. Fatima is really pretty simple and yet so complex. As time reveals the meaning of these events we keep trying to understand and anticipate what comes next.


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