Friday, April 08, 2016

What Laetitia says.

Amoris Laetitia
"In Rome people seem to love with more zest,
murder with more imagination, 
submit to creative urges more often, 
and lose the sense of logic more easily than in any other place."

"Always be appropriate and considerate."

I think that about sums it up.

I also think Pewsitters* crashed - all I wanted to do is see the scare quotes, but I can't even access the site.  It's a popular website.

Fr. Z had an advanced copy of the document and seems to have discussed the contents of the new Apostolic Exhortation with confreres through the night.  Rorate - obviously in a chase to be the first to post on it, time stamped their post at 1:24 AM.  The breaking news is about the recent exhortation, which, I am sure, the average person in the pew could care less about.

It changes nothing.


NB: Very seriously, Rocco Palmo has a great, positive critique here.

* I got through and was not disappointed.


  1. Wow...Terry, I had never been to that Pewsitter site...oh, wow is all I can say.

    From pieces quoted it seems like a very moving, heartfelt and dare I say it, common sense and "normal" embrace and support of married relationships and family life. There is no change of doctrine but simply a caution not to beat people up with doctrine, all the while a sweet (who knew one of these things could be called "sweet," I know Voris will have a fit...) take on love, life, marriage, family and yes, gasp...SEX!!!!

    1. I know! this will keep the blogosphere busy chasing their tail for days and days!

  2. I too just went there. Good for aggregation of news items. It floored me that a past CDF head, Cardinal Levada, had his driver license taken away for DUI for one year while in Hawaii. I recently went to court for not having my insurance card when stopped for speeding which latter charge they gave me a pass on. At court were several young DUI people losing their licenses. Let's hope the Cardinal lives near a food store back in his home, San Francisco.

    1. I had all I could do not to do a post on Levada. I think he lives down the coast now in a condo with his buddy Neiderauer. (sp?) Catholics love to drink.

    2. Five hundred years ago in that same job, he would have been burning heretics and now Hawaii burned his license to drive. I guess that's progress of a sort.

  3. Anyone who has been involved in Parish life knows the behind the scenes story. The Rectory or Men's Club in the Parish Hall is better stocked with liquor then most neighborhood bars. Yes, Terry Catholics like to drink and religious ones often especially so. I have often thought how hard it is to live a priestly life. Lonely now that many live alone. Drinking seems to be one vice allowed. As for the new Papal teaching. One third will like, one third condemn and one third think it does not go far enough. The bottom line is the congregation will dwindle and the active members will be the greying crowd who are keeping most cultural institutions going. The Pope still gets press but the number really listening and following is falling.


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