Sunday, April 03, 2016

Divine Mercy Sunday

Jesus I trust in you!

I love this image from Br. Claude, OSB
found here.

Br. Claude depicted Christ so meek and humble,
in a sort of Umrian style similar to how 
St. Francis of Assisi used to be depicted.


  1. Is there any ambiguity regarding what the Second Sunday of Easter formally is? In the GIRM, it says "Second Sunday of Easter OR Divine Mercy Sunday". As in both/and or either/or? Used to be known as Low Sunday. If it is DM Sunday then why the often additional mass in the afternoon? Our parish supports the Novena and all and it's great. Other places I know had no particular celebration and made no mention. Dunno.

  2. Joel, maybe this will help:

    1. That was good. Thanks. It seems that you're celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday even if you're not! I suppose I always associated the feast with the special mass with the special prayers and the "holy water hens" of the parish and abroad all flocking to our church. Here's hoping that whatever ignorance and confusion - not to mention resistance of some clergy - exists will melt away and it becomes as staple as the likes of the feast of Christ the King. Peace

    2. "Holy water hens" - lol!!! Glad I could help!

  3. According to the documentary, Jesus wants the image that St. Faustina described to be shared with all, the original one.


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