Thursday, April 07, 2016

Fr. Z On the Road Again: Amazing UFO Photo.

Before it's news:

Meanwhile:  KKK sighting at U Indiana, Bloomington:

In the past, Klansmen were secretive and only came out
at night with their robes on.

Minnesota Gov. Dayton announced he is 
considering banning travel to Indiana now as well.
He recently banned travel to North Carolina and
Mississippi because of their discriminatory laws.
It's quite a statement on the drastic turn to the far right
Americans are witnessing these days.

Dayton is a very insightful and cautious man.
Recognizing the imminent terror threat on Washington
due to terrorist worries.

Remember - you saw it here first!


  1. The biggest shock? Frozen yogurt is back. Who knew? What?

  2. Wow. I thought that was smudge on my screen. Now that you've pointed it out, I'm really worried.

    1. Looks like a dirty windshield to me. ;p

    2. I'm not able to address the situation any further - for security purposes.

  3. Proof that there is intelligent life in space...they left him with us!


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