Sunday, January 03, 2016

Epiphany Sunday

It's one of the few 'new movable feasts' that I wish would never had been moved.

That said - it is an amazing feast - a threefold deal - and includes - or rather extends to the Baptism of the Lord.

The Lord is revealed for the very first time ...

Yet - couldn't you get lost in the mystery illustrated above?

O Lord - let us fall into the abyss of thy mystery! 


  1. El Dia de los Santos Reyes is still celebrated on January 6th in Latin America and I think in the Orthodox world as well. The upcoming Feast of the Epiphany still has me listening and singing along to some wonderful Christmas music celebrating the birth our our Lord.
    The Huron Carol comes to mind. I'm just so impressed by the beauty of that ancient carol written in 1643 by a Jesuit priest who lived with the Huron in Canada.
    There are different versions of the carol on YouTube but my favorite is sung by the Four Tenors.

    Happy feast day of the Epiphany everyone!

    1. Four Tenors? Actually they are better known as the Canadian Tenors. The Jesuit priest is a Saint martyred by the Iroquois and I am thinking perhaps a companion of the other American Martyrs? Breburf is the last name I believe.
      Happy feast day!

  2. I believe it is Jean de Brébeuf that you are referring to. I live in Canada but sadly I have never liked the Huron Carol.


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