Monday, January 04, 2016

More 1967

Ralph Lauren launched Polo in 1967.
He started with men's neck wear - ties.
Dayton's Kenwood Shop sold them.

Twiggy came to Dayton's.


A few years later
Marissa Berenson was on the cover of time 
with the quote:
"I want to be a saint."
I was impressed.

Remember Antonioni's Blow Up?
Veruschka fascinated me.

I encountered this guy on my first NYC trip,
during intermission outside 'Hair' in 1968.
He was the top male model - debuting around 1967.
I never knew his name, but admired his work.
The woman is Pat Cleveland.
If anyone knows his name I'd love to know it.
(photo is 1970.)


  1. The gent in question went by the name of Ted Dawson. That pic is GQ Winter 1973.

    Marrisa Berenson ... Studio 54 came to mind along with her crazy brother-in-law, Mr. Perkins. Was not Studio 54 one of his infamous playgrounds?

    I read all of this back when I was a kid as I always found the beau monde interesting. Not anymore though as these days they are crass and uncouth. ;0

    1. Thanks - never knew his name - cool! I knew the GQ was 1973 - I looked for earlier shots but never came across them.

      Berenson's sister died in 9/11 - I'm sure you know that.

      It dazzled me at the time - I forgot everything and thought that was the life - so delusional - so vain - all things are passing.


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