Thursday, January 07, 2016

Russian Christmas!

And so it begins - again ...

Or continues.  Good news, if you neglected to send me gifts - you may still do so until Russian Epiphany.  Cards will be accepted as well - if I do not get Mozarts or liqueur filled chocolates - all hell will break loose and names will be named and eliminated from my friends app.


The last Christmas tree at 
Gatchina Palace in Russia; 1916.


  1. Terrikostov,

    I would like very much to send you some of my famous Persimmon bread, but where to begin? Shall I send it on over to the antique shop down the street in your name?

    Let me know,


    Merry Russian Christmas!

    1. Aw thanks! But I was only kidding. I was thinking of a priest who likes to get Christmas cards and gifts and thought it would be funny to say.

      Merry Christmas!
      I like my Russian name though.

  2. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are credited with establishing many of the traditions we continue to uphold including a decorated Christmas tree indoors. Prince Albert brought this to England from his German upbringing. Czarina Alexandra was German also and probably introduced the practice to Russia. It is a sad looking tree especially when you think what happened to the Royal family in the next year. All brutally murdered. They are martyered saints in the Russian Orthodox Church which has beautiful lituragy and a resurgence in Russian society.


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