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Monday, January 11, 2016

Did you know the Ordinary Form Mass is not Catholic?

That's the opinion of commentators at Catholic Herald.

It is of course completely Catholic.  It is the Ordinary Form, the liturgical norm and usage throughout the Latin rite.

Francis Phillips who writes for the Herald and reviews books, posted on the subject: "...the Novus Ordo can be beautiful too."  Evidently Catholics in the UK never knew that?

I came across comments to the post which begged to differ, such as this one: It's not a question of the Novus Ordo being said reverently: it's a question of whether it is Catholic or not. It isn't.

Really, Margaret Thatcher?  Such eccentricities.

I replied: Amazing. One ought to inform Popes Benedict and Francis and surely notify the CDF. The Ordinary Form Mass is not Catholic?

What a wicked thing to say.

My parish just received a very good young priest as our new pastor - he prays the Mass beautifully.  Whenever he is away - his proteges from the seminary celebrate Mass instead.  The vestments are Gothic, the liturgy is celebrated solemnly - devoutly and prayerfully; right order is in place for the reception of the Eucharist - the rubrics are followed, the Mass is prayerful and dignified to the conclusion.  It is the exact same Mass celebrated by all the Popes since Bl. Paul VI.  The new pastor has adjusted daily Mass schedules and confession schedules to make them more available for parishioners and non-parishioners alike.

The suggestion that the Ordinary Form is not Catholic is offensive.  To say the Ordinary Form is not Catholic is in itself not Catholic.  It is exactly this type of journalism and commentary which scatters the seeds of division and doubt among ordinary Catholics.


  1. I used to be an avid reader of the Catholic Herald until in my opinion, it got ugly. That ugliness began for me, with the election of Pope Francis. I got tired of reading about how "his pontificate was a complete and utter disaster."

    The same people posting the same banal "horrible Bergoglio" crap I got tired of it. I had to stop reading the Catholic Herald as it was no longer helping me to grow in my knowledge and love of my faith. So for someone to come along and claim the NO Mass is not Catholic and from the CH .. well, I am not at all surprised.

    1. I've not read much of their stuff either. The article is clearly not supportive of the Ordinary Form. We all know there has been liturgical abuses and novelties introduced over the decades but there has also been interventions to correct these abuses, as well as updates to the Roman Missal - which is the norm for the Latin Church and is indeed Catholic. It is the Ordinary Form of the Mass which is celebrated in Catholic churches throughout the world. We're fortunate in our Archdiocese that our priests are so well formed and well trained.

  2. Wasn't it the commenter who suggested that the NO wasn't Catholic, rather than the author?

    I guess I also didn't find the statement that "the Novus Ordo can be beautiful too" to be that offensive. Based only on my empirical observation, I've come across very few Novus Ordo celebrations that are truly beautiful. St. Agnes in St. Paul, MN, is the only one I can think of off the top of my head.

    1. Yes, I believe it was. When I put forth my two cents, I was thinking of the CH comments and not the authors.
      I have attended many a solemn NO Masses. I'm especially fond of the Mother house of the Carmelites of the Sacred Heart here in Los Angeles. Faithful daughters of the Church who would be scandalized to read such hogwash.
      The priests who celebrate Mass in their beautiful Chapel celebrate the NO with reverence and joy.

    2. To state that the Ordinary Form of the Mass CAN be beautiful too is to state that it is not normally "beautiful." That is a very subjective and judgmental statement. The OF is as much the bloodless sacrifice of Jesus Christ as the EF is. It contains just as many graces as the EF does. The OF is the Mass celebrated hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of times every day. It is honored by the Trinity. The angels and saints are present. Jesus Christ is present in the Eucharist.

      You may personally prefer the EF to the OF, and that is your right. But you are in s small minority of Catholics, and you have no more right to judge them or the OF than they have a right to judge you or the EF.

    3. I never placed any judgement on those who regularly attend the OF.

      I disagree that a judgement of a Mass's beauty is subjective. The fact is that the vast majority of NO Masses do not conform to the liturgical norms and traditions which were reaffirmed by Vatican II. That's not to say that the Mass isn't valid. That's not to say that it is any less of the bloodless sacrifice of our Lord.

      I'm not a NO basher...I attend the NO on occasion as well. But I think it's perfectly defensible to argue that the EF is the more authentic expression of the Roman Rite, because it is truly the product of gradual development which took place over many centuries. This point was put forth by none other than Cardinal Ratzinger himself, so I think I'm on perfectly solid footing in stating as much.

    4. Yaya, my young friend ran off to that convent in Aug. She came home a couple of weeks for Christmas. She's so happy!

  3. Terry,
    Rome is partly to blame for such commenters since Rome is never keen to explain that some Papal documents are superceded...but they are...but Rome likes the pan infallible bias in laity but Rome shouldn't like that bias.
    The commenter if pressed knows that St. Pius V ( who killed more humans that Reese in Person of Interest) wrte an Apostolic Constitution called Quo Primum that seems to demand that the Mass of 1570 be followed " forever":

    " Let all everywhere adopt and observe what has been handed down by the Holy Roman Church, the Mother and Teacher of the other churches, and let Masses not be sung or read according to any other formula than that of this Missal published by Us. This ordinance applies henceforth, now, and forever.."
    Quo Primum by St. Pius V

    You need 16 years of Catholic school to find out that Ecumenical Councils can override a non infallible papal document and 16 years of Catholic school now costs more that a Lambourghini Gallardo. Just sayin'.

    1. I know all their fights and arguments - Z posted on Anglican convert Fr. Hunwickle today and there is a little war of words in the com box for that post. These people are always so combative and whine about these things.

      I know Latin Mass converts to the EF who would rather miss Mass than have to go to an OF Mass. One or two I know used to be daily Mass goers and stopped because they no longer believe the OF is either valid or holy enough. What kind of faith is that, anyway? How is that pleasing to God or at all meritorious. It's a strange, cult-like religiosity if you ask me.

    2. What is never said anywhere in the Catholic media is that Catholicism which is the true Church...nevertheless attracts a percentage of extremists whether of the far liberal or the far conservative/ trad. Always...until the end days when duress will whittle the Church down to the simply sincere.

    3. Very true. I think the British Isles are supposed to be submerged and wiped out by the sea towards the end. Then all the ceremony and ostentatious pomp and decorum will be washed away and the faith will return. LOL! Or something like that.

      Perhaps I'm disappointed in the final season of Downton Abbey - it's really boring for the final season. ;)

    4. Well...you've got those Louie the 15th, gold chairs in the Vatican too.... :). They will go one day. God started in the 19th century with our too much acreage in the papal lands.

  4. If anyone wants to bother to read what the so-called 'real' Catholics think of the Ordinary Form and the majority of Novus Ordo Catholics - check this out:


    1. Terry,
      You'll love this link and from a site that's associated with the thing it is now healthily critiquing...


    2. I did see it - don't know why I do that to myself. It is just so repetitive and it seems to me they are all envying and wishing to have special treatment like all those sinners Francis seems to be accepting - although they are not in need of mercy, are they? They are the 'real' Catholics ...

      How tiresome.


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