Sunday, October 11, 2015

We do not have to go far to find God.

S. Peter of Alcantara giving Communion to St. Teresa.

We are his tabernacle ...

"I wish I could tell all souls what sources of strength, of peace, and of happiness they would find if they would only consent to live in this intimacy." (Prayer of recollection)
I am offering a prayer for you that St. Paul made for his followers; he asked that Jesus dwell through faith in their hearts so they might be rooted in love.  That thought is so profound, so mysterious ... Oh yes, may the God who is all love be your unchanging dwelling place, your cell, your cloister in the midst of the world; remember that He dwells in the deepest center of your soul as if in a sanctuary where He wants to be loved to the point of adoration.  He remains there to fill you to overflowing with His graces, to transform you in Himself." - Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Everything is found there.  It is the secret of unceasing prayer.  Let nothing disturb your peace.  It is heaven on earth.  Nothing can separate us from Him.

If we stay a long times after Communion, we can follow in the interior footsteps of Jesus, into the very bosom of the Holy Trinity, and there accustom ourselves to this prayer of recollection, in the company of the Blessed Virgin and all the angels and saints in heaven - because heaven is truly within.  We never have to leave - no matter what our duties, even our sufferings, exiles, whatever loneliness.  We do not have to be saints to do this - we simply need faith, so that we may be rooted in love.  Amidst all the clamor and confusion - even terror - we have the one thing necessary within us.

Blessed Elizabeth tells us that in the beginning we have to know how to wait.

Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity, pray for us.


  1. This post led me to want to know more about her. I started at Catholic Culture with this article: and I will be continuing on. I also have the book "Finding God through Meditation...St. Peter of Alcantara" edited by Daniel Burke of the Spiritual Direction website. There is such wonderful information on that site. I could spend a lifetime there. He's a convert and I'm a revert after 40 years away. I can't get enough.

    1. I also meant to thank you for this, Terry.


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