Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Pope at the White House

I watched - I liked.  I didn't notice any of the 'objectionable guests' and I suspect the Holy Father didn't know who was who in the audience either.  It was a great reception.

While praying for the Holy Father and the President I was distracted for a moment thinking how cool it would be for the Holy Father to receive the Obama's into the Church on this visit ... I know!

Below is a photo of the Holy Father being driven down Constitution Ave. after this morning's welcoming ceremonies.  I was touched by how Secret Service agents actually brought children to him to be blessed.  It's a great day for America.  (FYI: Fr. James Martin is the ABC priest consultant.  He's doing a good job.)

Cardinal Wuerl and Pope Francis.

Pope Francis will canonize Fr. Serra today too.  Praise God!


Just announced:
He'll be taking the bus to the National Shrine for
the canonization.  



  1. I hope it's with the Nuns on the Bus.

  2. Great commentary Terry. Papa and Wuerl look great enjoying the scenery and praising our Heavenly Father for the great weather.

    Thank you!

  3. Not the Secret Service but the Vatican Gendarmerie. The tall guy with the shaven head who lifted the first child from the crowd is Domenico Giani, Commander of the Vatican Gendarmerie. He normally does the lifting and always remains close to Pope Francis. He is seldom out of the picture when the Pope steps out in public. The rest of the security detail in and around the popemobile would mostly be Vatican Gendarmerie under Giani’s command.

    1. I like Mr. Giani. As time goes by and I see more of him and how much more he has relaxed around Papa Francis, I like him even more especially when I see the two of them chat real quick like then they both either smile or share a secret chuckle.
      Everytime I see them do this, I am reminded of their beginning, Mr. Giani's frantic attempts to protect Papa Francis while Papa Francis overstepped the boundaries diving onto the faithful masses.

      I would like to think they shared some serious conversations over these happenings and decided to compromise and work as a team. ^^

      All the better for it and it shows thanks be to God. <3

  4. Pope Francis has said on a few occasions that he does not expect a long papacy. He is a transitional Pope. I wonder what we will transition into? Terry I had the same thought about an Obama converting. Pray for it for his sake and the sake of his soul. He seems genuinely enthralled with the Pope. The Pope gives us reason to be proud of our Church and to celebrate her rich heritage. Rich in grace, ideas and faith not money.


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