Thursday, September 24, 2015

Feast of Our Lady of Mercy

B. Mariæ V. de Mercede
Merciful Father and God of all consolation,
you have shown yourself
to be wonderful in the glorious Virgin Mary,
Mother of Christ, and have given her to us
as the Mother of Mercy.
May all of us who venerate her with devotion,
always experience her powerful intercession,
and enjoy Your immense mercy.
Grant this through Christ our Lord.

Prayers for the Holy Father on his Apostolic journey to the United States.


  1. Amen to first.
    Not Amen to second.

    1. No plenary indulgences for you then. ;)

    2. 1) I got one, I presume, when arriving at Santiago (as a Sedesvacantist);
      2) supposing one really needs to pray for the Holy Father's intentions, well, one could try those of Pope Michael.

      More seriously, is the prayer otherwise indulgenced with plenary indulgence (under usual conditions)?

    3. No - I don't think the prayer carries a plenary indulgence - I was just teasing you in general about praying for the Holy Father's intentions.


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