Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Papa is here!

The Obama's and the Biden's are there to welcome him!

So cool!

Live on EWTN.

Live reports on every network.  Unprecedented.

Prayers in thanksgiving!


  1. Thanks be to God our Holy Father and his fellow travellers arrived all safe. I hope he enjoys his time here despite the spin doctors/naysayers from both sides of the aisle.

    His visit to Our Lady of Charity before he left Cuba was just so wonderful. I am so glad so many were there with him to give her thanks for sustaining God's little ones throughout the last four centuries in Cuba and that he remembered the Nanas and Tatas for safeguarding the faith.

    Viva Cristo Rey!

    Viva il Papa!

  2. The one picture I've seen Michelle Obama look happy in, ever was in Rome with Pope Benedict. In the photo above, she's dressed decently and while she doesn't have the big grin from Rome, she looks almost happy.

    What do you suppose Obama will give papa? Maybe an IPOD of his speeches?

    1. She's in blue - a Marian homage perhaps? Probably not but she does look decent.

    2. Michelle Obama is attentive to the language fashion conveys. The pale blue was probably chosen from the blue and white used in the flag of Argentina, the same blue and white worn by Our Lady of Lujan, Patroness of Argentina. The dress was designed by Venezuelan-American Carolina Herrera, who just opened a store here in DC.

    3. I thought she looked good as usual. I was thinking this morning how cool it would be if the Pope received the Obama's into the Church. I know - I'm delireious.

      I loved it that the girls were there w/grandma.

      Anyway - I'm very happy he is here and so well received.

    4. I am like that too Terry, I get delusional with the desire to see people in the Church: at Mass I will imagine I see, here & there, people I know ( non-Catholics, atheists etc), all about, and I love this - remember the last scene in Places in the Heart: all the town, together, in the little church: enemies side-by-side, betrayers reconciled, the murdered next to their killer. I do often think I can see my father there. It is very consoling to realize the many mysteries of life & death yet to be revealed to us, and how our great desire to see all reconciled to God, with prayers, may help this come about. Surrounded by so many frequent deaths at work I always add their names to my little notebook of souls to pray for and to ask for prayers, from them. I love Pope Francis and also am feeling so very peaceful that he is Here with us. what a grace......

  3. Terry,

    Here's some solid advice from Bishop Paul D. Etienne:

    "Do yourself a favor, I beg you. In these coming days, do not listen only to news coverage of what he preaches and teaches. Go to original sources and read his homilies and addresses for yourself. Do not allow yourself to be satisfied with the many agendas that will be at work in the coming days in reporting on Pope Francis’ visit. Pray for Pope Francis, and pray that all hearts will be open to receive his message. Welcome to the United States, Holy Father! We love you, and we look forward to receiving your teaching and instruction."

    Here's the link for the rest of what he is sharing with us all.


    1. Fr. Powell O.P. has posted something similar.

      I never have a problem with what the Pope says, evidently some people do.

    2. Agree. ^^ Let's enjoy his time here. I read the speech he gave to the US Bishops gathered with him in St. Matthew's Church. I look forward top your thoughts on it Terry.

    3. Just got home - had to bring someone to the Dr.. I'll check it out - Elizabeth Scalia said she loved it too.

    4. I'm seeing lots of complaints on facebook that the Holy Father was talking about climate change, etc. My MO is always - meet them where they are. Apparently the Pope is doing that too. Make the connections, when they trust you then you can start talking about the bigger issues like abortion, marriage, etc.


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