Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Something else to worry about: Russian forces have begun participating in military operations in Syria.

It could be true.

Talk about a crisis.

The world at war.  That's a big one.
Russian forces have begun participating in military operations in Syria in support of government troops, three Lebanese sources familiar with the political and military situation there said on Wednesday.
The sources, speaking to Reuters on condition they not be identified, gave the most forthright account yet from the region of what the United States fears is a deepening Russian military role in Syria's civil war, though one of the Lebanese sources said the number of Russians involved so far was small.
U.S. officials said Russia sent two tank landing ships and additional cargo aircraft to Syriain the past day or so and deployed a small number of naval infantry forces.
The U.S. officials, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, said the intent of Russia's military moves in Syria was unclear. One suggested the focus may be on preparing an airfield near the port city of Latakia, a stronghold of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
U.S. officials have not ruled out the possibility that Russia may want to use the airfield for air combat missions.
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry spoke to his Russian counterpart for the second time in four days to express concern over reports of Russian military activities in Syria, warning that it could fan more violence.

The White House said it was closely monitoring the situation. - Source


  1. Pray, fast and get to confession.

  2. "Obama continues to lose against ISIL"

    Russia will continue to do as it pleases regardless of Kerry's wagging finger. Sadly, in my opinion, the USA is no longer taken seriously when it comes to international affairs let alone defending those who are in need of help. I always wonder what will happen if a US allied country is attacked on both fronts: Britain/Europe - Japan/Asia. Will the USA rise to the occasion or will she drag her feet and act befuddled much like the current administration is doing now?

    With cutbacks in the US military and reported morale at an all time low, only time will tell if we ever regain any credibility and sense of pride as a world leader. Passing along birth control via PP or asking African nations to embrace the homosexual lifestyle is not my idea of international diplomacy.

    Heaven help us all.

  3. Russia continues to play a pivotal role in the salvation story. It remains a mystery how this will all play out. You do not see any refugees headed in their direction. Almost all of the Marian Prophecies predict war on a massive scale with Russia as the instigator. It seems like we are moving in that direction.


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