Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Muslim Refugees/Immigrants Converting in Droves ...

It's like a miracle.

BERLIN (AP) — Mohammed Ali Zonoobi bends his head as the priest pours holy water over his black hair. "Will you break away from Satan and his evil deeds?" pastor Gottfried Martens asks the Iranian refugee. "Will you break away from Islam?"
"Yes," Zonoobi fervently replies. Spreading his hands in blessing, Martens then baptizes the man "in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost."
Mohammed is now Martin — no longer Muslim, but Christian.*
Zonoobi, a carpenter from the Iranian city of Shiraz, arrived in Germany with his wife and two children five months ago. He is one of hundreds of mostly Iranian and Afghan asylum seekers who have converted to Christianity at the evangelical Trinity Church in a leafy Berlin neighborhood. - Finish reading here.

I think it is wonderful.

Nothing to worry about.  If they turn out to be false conversions, German Christian sects can always institute an Inquisition after things settle down, to determine which conversos are authentic - or not.  It's been done before.

*Zonoobi hopes to begin a blog - a sort of apologist website, and plans to do speaking engagements asap.  I think he already has a Paypal and GoFundMe site.


  1. I've been reading about this and I'll take them at their word. If it's false, we'll know soon enough. In the meanwhile - the new Abbey Roads banner picture is a little bit creepy. Hope it's temporary.

  2. Replies
    1. The dance macabre.

      It's a metaphor for the catholic blogosphere, right?

  3. Hum ... I read on Deacon Greg's site there are bishops from the Eastern bloc of Europe that are not in agreement with our Holy Father's call too host a refugee family in each parish. He claims they are not refugees but "invaders." I hope that is not true but one never knows.

    If this conversion phenomena be of the Holy Spirit, like AJ says, "we'll know soon enough."

    1. I don't know - the situation is dire and God only knows. I have a sense of foreboding. Many of the refugees shown on media strike me as healthy, young men - they seem to have money or running out of what they had. It's very difficult not to be cynical.

    2. The cynical comes and goes and I try to remain hopeful but if they come to Jesus and their faces shines like the boy's face in the picture you have shared with us, I will pray, pray and pray some more. May the Virgin lead them to her Son.

      I suppose this woman is cynical?


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