Thursday, September 10, 2015

Interesting factoids.

Do you know why a gentleman held his cigarette aloft in a manner some might now term effeminate?
A gentleman would hold his cigarette between two fingers, his hand held aloft, to avoid annoying his company with the lingering smoke drifting into the parties faces.  Lifting the cigarette away from himself also helped avoid lingering smoke odor on his clothing and fingertips.  As he exhaled, he would tilt his head back while unobtrusively releasing the smoke into the airspace above the party, so as not to 'contaminate' the atmosphere.  Drama queens would do likewise, but with great flourish and extravagant gestures.

That's a load of crap.


  1. Wow ... I miss those days when gents were gents and always placed their woman first so as not to contaminate the "atmosphere." Dennis Quaid looks good in that picture while Bette Davis looks glorious and calculating.

    I enjoyed reading this bit of info. ^^) Thanks Terry.

  2. Well you can't smoke the Clint Eastwood way either lest you be accused of smokin reefer

  3. Nothing wrong with minimizing smoke smell on clothes and hands. I smoked daily for about 12 years and "quit" when I turned 30. I use the quotes because I still go back to being a smoker for a few weeks a couple of times a year (depending on stress, rebelliousness of spirit, etc.). I hate the smell on my hands, so now when I smoke I usually wear a latex glove or something to keep the smoke off my fingers. My wife mercilessly (and rightly) makes fun of my "smoking glove." Is this fem? Maybe. Maybe not. But it is seriously dorky (especially when the glove is one of those bright blue nitrile ones).

    If I had any self-awareness, I'd just stop. But God never gives us more than we can handle and I suspect he knows how devastating self-awareness would be for me.

  4. Dennis Quaid looks great in that pic and he did a good job playing gay in the movie, you could tell he was but he didn't go overboard with a lisp or mannerisms...though I still prefer him more rugged..(by the way, he came into where I work and he is really, really a small guy, very disappointing. Most actors are so much smaller then you expect them, with the exception of Linda Carter who is a goddess in real life too but I digress as usual.)

    Bette Davis looks like a bitch there.. I know its gay but I love her old movies...I like the one where she is a bitch at first but then she gets some disease and goes blind and she becomes nice and for some reason she makes it work.

    I hate it when people get on the train in the morning and they smell of smoke..that is the cleanest you are going to be all day and you already smell like an ash tray??


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