Wednesday, September 09, 2015

No Fault Divorce and Easier Annulments.

I'm not married, I've never been married, never wanted to be married, never will be married.

I have no kids, never had kids, never wanted kids, never will have kids.

So the recent freeing up of the annulment process makes no difference to me.  I'm not sure why it makes a lot of difference to anyone, except maybe those who have been abandoned by a spouse or have been divorced, or need to leave a bad marriage - and only then if they either desire an annulment - or object to the the former spouse seeking an annulment.  (I think the reforms are good BTW.)

My only real concern would be the kids.

What about the kids?

Divorce is hard on kids.

Annulment has to be too.

They're not 'bastards' - but they might feel like they are.

Remember the kids.


  1. Sad that the kids always are the ones left holding the bag...

    BTW, Dustin looks good there. Never was a big fan but he is easy on the eyes in the picture with Meryl. Ah, to young and beautiful ... good times indeed. ^^

  2. After reading all the "this is what the Pope really means regarding annulments" articles I don't see a huge change in how this is handled. Personally I found the 18 months I had to wait for mine a time of great discovery about the Church and what she really teaches. I wouldn't have traded that time for anything. It also cost money but there was the option to pay in installments and one could ask for financial help (luckily we didn't need help but some people do).

    I think the mainstream media and most people, including Catholics, do not understand the difference between an annulment and decree of nullity. But then how many of them understand what a Sacrament is? I'd like to see you tackle this topic, Terry - you always have a way of unpacking these things so well.

  3. Funny how kids have a right to a mother and a father when it comes to homosexual couples, yet when it comes to annulments it seems they dont? It sounds like a double standard.


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