Thursday, September 03, 2015

Signs: The Storm ...

The cross atop St. Helena’s Catholic Church in Minneapolis was struck by lightning on September 2 at 3 AM, causing it to crash to the ground, cracking the pavement below and scattering debris as far as across the street. - Story here.

What does it mean?  

The storm is upon us.

St. Helena discovered the True Cross.

The feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross - or the Finding of the True Cross is September 14.

Stock up on beer people!  Preferably Trappist beer - indulgences permitted.

Remember 'The Omen'?


Song for this post here.


  1. Hehe. I love it. So much mystery swirling around these days.

  2. Can it be mere coincidence that this happened in the city where you live? No, that would require too great a stretch of the imagination.

  3. Haha! I'm just kidding. It reminded me of a local Lutheran church hit by a tornado the same day Synod leaders were voting to allow actively gay ministers - that was a few years ago. I posted that it was a sign of heaven's disapproval - the steeple was knocked off. I claimed it was the finger of God. Then, I had the guts to complain Spirit Daily didn't run my story on it but ran the story from Orate - another blog. Big eyeroll. Such self-importance.

    Anyway - I don't attach any sign to this

    1. Interesting weather reports and what might be ... but what of the little baby boy who was washed ashore dead after drowning along with his mother and five year old brother? He looked like he was asleep on the shore when he was discovered.

      Might that be a sign as well?

    2. That is such a sad story - it's so heartbreaking.

  4. I happened to be up at the time the lightning hit. Paying a call to Mother Nature. I'm only about six blocks from St Helena's. I had my back to my window at the time so I didn't see a "bolt" of lightning but the room lit up almost as if I had flipped on the lights. But there wasn't much of a thunder boomer. Since nothing else happened, I was soon back to bed.

    They were lucky there was no fire. I drove by St. Helen's in the afternoon and they already had a roofer up putting on a temporary patch and I'm sure they probably had a temporary repair up by yesterday. They probably ordered a replacement cross from a stonemason which will probably take some time to choose the design and create.

    Thank God for those lift trucks. In the olden days they probably would have had to build scaffolding 50 feet high before they could even have figured out how much damage there was.


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