Friday, September 04, 2015

I bet you thought I'd never say it ... but here goes: Don't Let the Francis-Mercy Fool You ...

Yup.  You read that correctly.

I've had it with people claiming he is the gay friendly Pope - he's no different from his predecessors.

Oh!  BTW - that's a good thing.

Oddly enough, LGBTQ writers are beginning to sound just like Catholics who despise the Pope - you know who the Catholics are, writers such as, Louie Verrechio, Remnant contributors, Barnhardt, Stumbling Block blog and a few others who just can't find anything good to say about Pope Francis.

I received an update linking to Wild Reed blog covering an article from Pink News - a gay site - titled:  "The Pope’s ‘gay friendly’ image is a con, and it’s time we stopped falling for it."  It was so similar to a headline on another Catholic news site which read: "Don't Let the FrancisMercy Fool You..." - which I used to title this post.

Below, a couple of snippets from Pink to compare to those Catholic sites which pretty much discredit anything to do with Pope Francis.
Pope Francis is a friend to the gays, don’tcha know. A breath of fresh air in the Catholic Church…
He said gay people shouldn’t be judged, and he’s such a swell guy – he even praised a children’s book featuring same-sex couples!
Except he didn’t. And he wouldn’t. And his inaction and deeply regressive thinking continues to hurt LGBT people around the world every single day.
He might be the darling of the media, but let’s make no mistake: the Pope is no friend of the LGBT community, and we need to start saying so.
But it’s hard to fight misinformation on the internet. The Guardian story circulated online, racking up thousands of clicks and shares. Though a minor edit (without a public clarification) was eventually made, it continues to be shared online with its original headline.
Then, incredibly, after being directly debunked by the Vatican, the Independent picked up the story, under the headline “Pope Francis ‘praises gay children’s book'”.
The Vatican directly denied that the Pope had praised a gay children’s book… but two of the UK’s leading newspapers continue to run headlines claiming exactly the opposite.
This is how the Pope’s gay-friendly image grows: because people will it to be so. The liberal media wish there were a gay-friendly Pope, and the Catholic media wish there were less gay rights pressure on the Pope, and the misinformation meets somewhere in the middle.
His infamous ‘Who Am I To Judge?’ comments are as prevalent as ever – but context-free snippets omit his endorsement in the same sentence of the existing Church Catechism, which says gay people are “disordered”*. - Pink News

PN Editor Nick Duffy pretty much got it right - yet in the process, doesn't his rant sound a lot like Catholics who claim the Pope isn't Catholic?  One would think faithful rad-tradsters, steeped in moral theology, liturgical rubrics, the syllabus and catechetics would know better than some gay news editor for a queer news site.   Nevertheless, Duffy recognizes Catholic teaching on sexual ethics and marriage will not change under this Pope.  He knows the 'who am I to judge' comment was promoted out of context.  He is right on when he wrote: "This is how the Pope’s gay-friendly image grows: because people will it to be so."

That is also how the negative image painted by Catholics who condemn Francis grows: because these people will it to be so.

*The thing Duffy got wrong is that the Church teaches homosexual acts are disordered - not the person, while the tendency is objectively disordered, the person is not.


  1. For there shall be a time, when they will not endure sound doctrine; but, according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears:
    2 Timothy 4:3

  2. So you're saying, in a way, that Pink News is more helpful to evangelization than PewSitter? I completely agree.

  3. The glasses story was way fun but I bet Papa will be ripped for that one too. I can read it now "Pope Francis, seeking attention hog, wanders off to buy glasses and causes a traffic jam without concern for citizens safety."

    I watched the video on Deacon Greg's blog and enjoyed it.^^

    It comes as absolutely no surprise that the Holy Father's grace-filled proclamation of mercy towards women who have had abortions or the olive branch extended to the SSPX is picked apart and undermined by the so-called experts of true Catholicism. At least the SSPX has more grace in their response. They thanked Papa Francis for "his fatherly gesture."

    1. Isn't the glasses story sweet?! The shop owner was all emotional. What a treat for the locals. he wants so much to be the people - and he arrived in that little car. What a guy!

    2. I meant he wants so much to be 'with' the people.

    3. I am sure he does. ^^


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