Thursday, August 27, 2015

This is interesting. Archbishop Chaput labels Church Militant and Lepanto groups as destructive ...

This is clarity.

We need clarity.  We need to listen to the Church.  Here is what Archbishop Chaput had to say in an email to Matt C. Abbott regarding a story two Catholic groups have been running.  First the story:
The Lepanto Institute and have reported "that the World Meeting of Families leadership team (including the president, Robert Ciarrufoli) is infested with pro-abortion, pro-gay 'marriage' money men and politically influential people."
Archbishop Chaput's response:
Both Lepanto and Church Militant sow division wherever they tread. They do not seem to acknowledge the need to work with civic society and its representatives on a project like the World Meeting of Families. And we are not going to spend/waste time arguing with them. They are sincere, but also destructive. No one on our leadership team supports abortion or Planned Parenthood. - Link

Works for me.

CMTV headquarters.
Larry used to visit just to see the Nun Doll Museum.

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  1. Sorry, but what works? And what 'clarity'? Or were you being sarcastic? As many people have commented elsewhere the Archbishop has not refuted what has been said by CMTV. He merely says that nobody on the leadership team supports abortion. But isn’t helping to fund politicians who vote for abortion one way of supporting abortion? Perhaps the moral theologians might be able to answer that question but I would have thought that if you help someone to get elected and that person votes for abortion then you are, indirectly at least, supporting abortion. Isn’t it a bit like saying, “I’m not anti-Semitic” while voting for the Nazis? It maybe also smacks of the argument put forward by several Catholic politicians that they are not pro-abortion but are merely pro-choice. “I’m not anti-Semitic but I think that people who think long and hard about the issue should have the choice of being anti-Semitic”. And what on earth does the Archbishop mean by 'the need to work with civil society'?

    1. What the Archbishop says works for me and he makes it clear who has the authority to speak on this matter.

  2. Thanks for putting this in circulation Terry!

    Listen, both sites might have truth to what they say, but is seems that their overall fabric smells rotten, despite the well intended aims of Voris and co, and Lepanto.

    I fully agree with +Chaput. For starters he's an orthodox bishop and I have one of his books. Further, Voris and Lepanto sadly enhance a hermeneutic of suspicion in the Church, which leads well meaning Catholics down the road of rejecting first the human elements of the Church (in essence Her body and Her Alter Christi), eventually to partial or full blown Radical Traditionalism. We have it bad enough that the regular liberalized layperson in church doesn't trust the Church and pastors institutionally, we don't need division from the remnant of good Catholics either.

    1. I really admire Archbishop Chaput - I trust his leadership.

    2. I like lots too ... always have. He speaks clearly, truthfully, charitably. He gets criticism from the left and the right these days. One wonders, is he too good a son of the Church or not good enough according to some Catholic folk.

      I support Archbishop Chaput. God bless him.

  3. I've been quoting Cardinal Schoenborn of Vienna and Cardinal Oswald Garcia of Bombay, India. They do support the Universal Church. And they leave room for much further discussion. That is good enough for me.


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