Friday, August 28, 2015

Mark Mallett: The Great Storm has arrived at the shores of humanity.

Not sure what to think, but the Mark Mallett post reminded me of a song ...

I stand alone in the eye of the storm
Crashes all around, tryin' to wear me down
But I hold tight to what I know is right
Still can hear the way mama used to say
Never, no, never let your spirit win
Never, never give in to the end, but carry on
When the valley is deep I'll be strong
With the mind he left to carry on
Never sleep 'till a new day dawns
I carry on

Song for this post here.


  1. Terry he's not the greatest guy to promote or post. He's too much about the end times and took his large family and wife to a derelict farm out in Western Canada cause he felt the Spirit was calling him. After hearing that I could no longer trust him or read any of his material. That is a stupid thing to do to risk your family like that cause you think the Holy Spirit calls you.

    1. Thanks Julian - I should have you as an editor - along with Mack and Scott maybe. LOL!

      Not really promoting him as much as it was a chance to promote and old song from Martha Wash. :)

    2. He didn't take his family out to a "derelict farm". He's been farming the family farm for who knows how long, though it doesn't pay the bills, of course. He was thinking a while back about selling the family farm and living in a hovel in Nova Scotia or something. Not a good idea (as he seems to have realized).

    3. See how you help me here? Thanks Scott.

  2. No problem Terry ... Just seems like since I've reverted to the church 5 or 6 odd years ago my spider senses are tingling and increasing. I've also found we have to be vigilant and not fall to Radicals otherwise they hell too. Better to be cautious than naieve

    1. I agree. Interestingly the song is Church based and indicative of Protestant eschatology - which includes the Rapture and so on. Which may be why it ties into Mallett's prophecies so well. Scott W. would know more about that than I do I think. Take care my friend!


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