Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fr. Z is on another trip again ....

"Off I go.  Again."

You may not understand why I bother to post this.

I suppose in part, it's because Fr. Z used to remind me of William Shatner.

Shatner's name came up today in connection with Leonard Cohen.

Still plussing?

I never followed Leonard Cohen or really knew who he was.  Since finding out about him, I realized I've seen him perform once on late night TV.  At the time I stared at the TV wondering who was the old guy who couldn't sing, and I thought he was awful, and had no idea why he was even singing - I thought then that he was worse than William Shatner.  Now I've read about him and I know he's a brilliant man - but I still don't like him.  How uncouth, I know.  Terribly illiterate of me, I'm sure.

So anyway - I thought I'd share something from William Shatner since there is nothing interesting online today.

Unless you want to read why The Anchoress thinks Colbert is just like St. Philip Neri.  She lost me at Steven.

Song for this post here.

(When I first heard the Cohen song covered by K.D. Lang I thought it was the stupidest song I had ever heard since Cat Steven's  "Moon Shadow".)

My apologies in advance to Canadians and people who like that kind of music.


  1. You forgot Neil Young - he can't sing either.

    1. Haha! What about Bob Dylan?

    2. I thought about him too but he's not Canadian. However he IS from Minnesota!

    3. I know - and one of my favorite bad singers - but excellent songwriter.

  2. But his song, Everbody Knows, is a perfect distillation of our times.

    1. I've been liking what he writes. It's funny how shocking it is to see aging artists on TV - PBS recently had the Moody Blues on and it is so weird to see how old everyone looks. (I have no mirrors in my house.)


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